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Prospective International Students - Columbus State University

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Center for Global Engagement

Prospective International Students

Why Choose Columbus State University?

Leaving home to study abroad for an undergraduate or graduate degree program opens up a world of opportunities.

Columbus State University (CSU) offers nationally distinctive programs in the arts, education, business, nursing and more. Columbus State provides a creative, deeply personal and relevant college experience. Serving the Southeast while attracting students from around the world, CSU thrives on community partnerships to deliver excellence for students who want to achieve personal and professional success in an increasingly global environment.

At Columbus State University, there are more than 50 international faculty with degrees from prestigious universities in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Our professors are passionate about teaching and see you as an intelligent person with vast potential. Our students agree: They see the personalized attention that they receive as a distinct advantage at Columbus State.

CSU & Agents

Columbus State University understands that agents or consultants are often engaged in many parts of the world to assist students in searching for and applying to universities in the United States. Columbus State University (CSU) works closely with select Educational Agents throughout the world. For a complete list of agents who have formal contracts in place with CSU, please click the button below. These agents and counselors work with local students directly; guiding them through a wide selection of U.S. Universities and programs, assisting with the application process, applying for the appropriate visas, and assisting with everything involved with preparing a student to study abroad. Agents are screed, selected and trained by CSU staff and are expected to be up to date with knowledge of all of CSU’s academic programs, campus culture and community, and the overall application process. Our primary goal in collaboration with agents is to partner together and assist students in making the best choice possible for their academic futures.

Prospective students are not required to work with agents nor are they given preference in admission. International students interested in independently learning more about the application or enrollment process at CSU are encouraged to contact the Director of the Office of Graduate & Global Recruitment at

Education USA
Homeland Security
American International Recruitment Council

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail Christine Shaw, Administrative Specialist/Coordinator Center for Global Engagement at

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