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Housing - Columbus State University

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Center for Global Engagement


Apply for housing if you have not already done so. All undergraduate freshman must reside in campus housing. Housing is available but optional for ELI students and upperclassmen. You should review the housing site thoroughly.

The Columbus State apartments are furnished but do not have household items in them.

Apply for Housing

Applying for Housing

You will need to log in to MyCSU in order to apply.

If you have log in issues or if you have any questions or concerns regarding housing please contact us at

To be here for International Orientation you will need to check in earlier than the listed check-in time for housing. Please let us know when you will be arriving.

You should not plan to arrive on campus prior to the week of Orientation or you will need to make other temporary living arrangements. You must also advise the Center for Global Engagement by emailing if you are coming in after regular business hours.

Music, Art and Theatre majors are strongly advised to request River Park Housing due to its closeness to the Fine Arts campus in downtown Columbus.

Make note of the address that you are given for your room. Please make sure that someone in housing knows when you are arriving. Our office ours are Monday – Friday 8 – 5 eastern standard time. No one is on campus to assist you if you do not notify us of your arrival if after hours.

Off Campus Housing

If you prefer to find housing off campus below is a list of apartment complexes that are within walking distance of main campus and our downtown campus. You will need to contact them for pricing and information. Columbus State does not endorse nor have any affiliation with these complexes.

Club Hill Apartments

University Crossing

Hardaway Square

Downtown Campus:

Heritage Place Apartments

Compare Internet, Cable and Home Security Options in the Columbus Area

If you are searching for a room mate to share living expenses off campus we would suggest joining our CSU International Students Facebook page to reach other students.

Ask Cody

Ask Cody