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Transfers - Columbus State University

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Transferring Between US Universities

As an F1 Visa student you should always maintain your status and keep your current SEVIS I-20 with you while in the United States. When transferring between universities you should always speak with the international office of your current university and the university that you are transferring to in order to make sure that your SEVIS record is transferred properly.

Transferring to Columbus State University

If you are transferring from a school in the United States on a current F1 Visa you will need to provide your current university with an acceptance letter from Columbus State University before they can transfer your record to us.

We require that your current university complete the Transfer In Form (PDF) before the transfer of your SEVIS record to verify that you are in status according to your Visa requirements.

Transferring From Columbus State University to Another Us University

In order to transfer to another university you will need to provide us with an acceptance letter from your new university before we can transfer your record. Please speak with the international office to find out what else they require prior to transferring there.

Transfer While on OPT

If you are currently on OPT and are going to enroll in a new program it is extremely important that you are in contact with both International Student Services offices. If your I-20 is updated to a new program while you are on OPT then your OPT is automatically terminated and you are no longer allowed to continue working. Coordination between the two offices will allow you to continue your OPT as long as possible.

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