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Appointments & Advising - Columbus State University

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Center for Global Engagement

Appointments & Advising

The CSU Center for Global Engagement provides advising to students via email and scheduled appointments. It is recommended that for any inquiries, you first send an email to Your issue may be resolved without an appointment. If your need requires a letter from CGE we can prepare it and have it ready for you to pick up if you e-mail first. Walk In's may have to return to pick up documents.

Issues that will require an in person appointment:

  • Change of immigration status (ex. F-1 to other status or vice-versa)
  • Personal issues and cultural adjustment difficulties
  • Any situation where you believe more information or personal assistance is needed (ex. Medical/Compassionate Withdrawal, Leave of Absence)
  • OPT or CPT employment - please have required documentation completed before making an appointment
  • Any violation of status
  • Transfer to another university

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Ask Cody