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2018-2023 Strategic Plan - Columbus State University

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About Columbus State University

2018-2023 Strategic Plan


Columbus State University will be a model of empowerment through transformational learning experiences that prepare students to serve the world as creative problem-solvers and high impact leaders.


Columbus State University will empower individuals to contribute to the advancement of local and global communities through an emphasis on excellence in teaching and research, lifelong learning, cultural enrichment, public/private partnerships and service to others.


Excellence: Commitment to best practices in teaching and learning, scholarship and creative activity, student engagement, cultural enrichment and campus environment.

Creativity: The pursuit of distinction through inquiry and innovation, challenging convention and focusing on solutions.

Engagement: Active civil participation by students, faculty, and staff in the university experience.

Sustainability: Commitment to behaviors that recognize and respect our environmental context. 

Inclusion: Fostering and promoting a campus that embraces diverse people, ideas, views and practices. 

Servant Leadership: Effective, ethical leadership through empowerment and service.

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