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Agent FAQ's - Columbus State University

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Center for Global Engagement

Agent FAQ's

We have a very selective process and only work with a few top agents in each region. The first step is to complete our Prospective Agent Application form. A committee will assess your application and conduct reference checks before making a decision. For more information or questions about becoming an agent, please email Kristin Williams at:

Yes, to contracted agents for the first two semester’s tuition at CSU. Our ELI Language Institute also pays a commission for students that study ESL prior to studying at CSU. If you are interested in applying for a contract with ELI or have other questions about this, please contact Susan Wirt at:

For all general questions, please contact Kristin Williams, Columbus State’s Director of Graduate and Global Recruitment at

We are not able to waive the application fee for any agent, counselor or student due to Board of Regent regulations. The undergraduate and graduate online application fee is US $50. Application fees can easily be paid with a credit card when using the online application system. If an application has already been paid, we do not require any separate fee to the ELI Language Institute.

No. We guarantee to give you and your student the best possible service, but there is no special consideration for applications received through agents. Our standards and admission policies are the same for all of our applicants. We provide regular communication and keep you updated on your applicant’s process and encourage questions. We will always attempt to process applications as quickly as possible!

Currently, all I-20's are sent directly to the applicant. After receiving admission the International Admission Counselor will give the applicant the option of sending the I-20 via one of two options: The first option is through U.S. Express Mail. In this case CSU will cover the charge of postage and delivery times will vary depending on country and can take anywhere from 3-7 business days up to a few weeks. The second option is through eShipGlobal. With this option, students will pay the postage costs, but they can choose their preferred carrier (DHL, FedEx, USPS). Most students at this time choose option 1 as it is the least costly option.

After submitting an application to the CSU Admissions Office please allow up to 1-2 weeks for the application to be processed and CSU student account information such as student IDs, CSU email address, etc., to be created.

Once an application is processed, the student will be notified via email of missing documentation required for their admission. Once all required admission documents have been received:

  • Undergraduate: A decision will be made within 1 week.
  • Graduate: Allow at least 2 weeks for the respective academic department to review the file and make a decision.

Applying or submitting required admission documentation after the published deadlines will cause a further delay in processing times and are not guaranteed to be processed for the requested semester.

These are general processing time lines and are subject to change during our "peak."

Yes, we offer conditional admission at the undergraduate level for any student who either has not taken the TOEFL exam or does not meet our minimum requirement of a 79 iBT for the TOEFL or 6.5 for the IELTS. In order to offer full admission we do require official results directly sent from the testing centers. Conditionally admitted students will automatically be enrolled in the ELI English Language Institute and will be required to take an English Placement Exam upon arrival at CSU. There is no separate application fee or process for conditionally admitted students.

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