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Orientation & Immigration Requirements - Columbus State University

Center for Global Engagement

Orientation & Immigration Requirements

Several students gathered at tables for an orientation event

Orientation is MANDATORY for all incoming International Students.

  • Dates: Thursday & Friday, January 13th & 14th, 2022
  • Times: 9am – 2pm, daily
  • Location: Schuster Student Success Center – Room 130
    Please review the campus map for location.

A full schedule will be emailed directly to incoming students.

We cannot offer individual make up sessions or answer individual questions (in-person or by e-mail) on topics covered during orientation sessions.

Sign up for International Orientation - required to ensure a spot and meals

Orientation Fee

$50 Fee - includes:

  • Meals during orientation sessions
  • Transportation to shopping trips and on-campus activities during orientation

Pay Orientation Fee - International payments - Do NOT use if your are paying with a U.S. Bank Account or Credit Card

Pay Orientation - U.S. Payments - U.S. Payments Only

Transportation from the Atlanta airport to Columbus

We suggest using Groome Transportation, a private shuttle service.

Make a Groome Reservation

You can also catch the shuttle in Atlanta without pre-registration. However, you will have to wait for an available seat and be prepared to pay at that time.

In order to guarantee a ride will be available, reservations are highly recommended (especially with the COVID-19 pandemic).

Groome Transportation will take you to their office in Columbus. You must then arrange for a taxi to take you to the CSU campus or to your accommodations.

Find Local Taxi Services

Required Documents Upon Arrival

The following documents must be provided to verify your legal entry into the United States.

You MUST submit these documents along with additional forms that you will be asked to fill out during orientation, to have a complete immigration file.

This must be done by Monday January 31st, 2022.

Document Upload

  • I-94 - You can obtain this from the I-94 Travel Records for U.S. Visitors website
    You should also keep a copy of this document with your I-20 - this verifies your legal entry in to the US and you will need this for various things
  • I-20 or DS-2019 - please provide a PDF of your I-20j, make sure to sign it!
    Read page 3 before signing
    Always keep your original I-20's in a safe location
  • F1 or J1 Visa - please provide a PDF copy of your approved Visa

Link to submit documents: Upload Admission Documents

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