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CSU ADVISE - Columbus State University

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Columbus State University - CSU ADVISE

The mission of CSU ADVISE is to provide CSU students with high quality, innovative academic advising that will enable them to make sound decisions regarding their educational, personal, and professional goals. Columbus State University will provide a comprehensive academic advisement system staffed by highly-qualified advisors who interact in a positive, productive, and ethical manner with the diverse student population to provide assistance as students identify, clarify, and accomplish their educational and career goals.

ADVISE serves as CSU's central resource for information regarding academic programs, student support services, and other campus opportunities. ADVISE advisors work closely with advisors in all academic departments to provide specialized advising to transfer students, undeclared students, military students, athletes, Early College and students who are considering changing their major. In addition to serving select majors, ADVISE provides general advising information for all students.

Unsure who your assigned academic advisor is?

Who Is My Advisor?

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, please use the Accudemia link inside MyCSU.

Having problems scheduling an appointment? Please call 706-507-8780 or email us at

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