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Office of the President - Columbus State University

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Office of the President

Office of the President

Creative to the Core. It's more than a brand idea or tagline; it's a purpose and a rally cry. Every day at Columbus State University, students take a step toward creating – developing new skills and knowledge, forming lifelong friendships, serving their communities, and shaping their futures.

Creativity is the heart of education. It inspires learning at every level and is the essential motivator that brings new ideas to life. At Columbus State, students and alumni, faculty and staff, and community partners contribute to the University's creative spirit. Classes are rigorous but collaborative. Instructors guide a dynamic exchange of information that encourages students to think critically and consider different points of view.

Preparing students to thrive in the 21st century means teaching through experience. Columbus State's robust partnerships with businesses, outreach centers, and military organizations help our students create valuable professional connections. Internships, research projects, and fieldwork opportunities enhance learning by putting it in motion – empowering students through practical knowledge and hands-on skill.

Creativity and inclusion are learned when they are lived. Diversity – of backgrounds, cultures, views, and ideas – is central to the educational experience at CSU. When we broaden students' thinking, we not only enrich their personal lives, we prepare them for careers in a global society.

As each of us strives to fulfill Columbus State University's mission, let's be guided by a shared commitment to creativity and innovation. Working together, CSU will continue to attract the brightest minds, expand its leadership position in academics and research, and develop new ways to serve students and the community. It starts with each of us seeing new possibilities and embracing work that's Creative to the Core.

Dr. John M. Fuchko III

John M. Fuchko III, Ed.D.
Interim President
Office of the President
108 Richards Hall

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