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What Credits Transfer? - Columbus State University

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Office of the Registrar

What Credits Transfer?

The university makes every effort to transfer credits for academic work completed at other institutions. In general, courses completed at a regionally accredited college or university will transfer. Requests for evaluation of transfer credit will only be considered after an admissions application has been submitted, application fee is paid, and official transcripts from all other institutions have been received.

Recognition for placement in advanced courses will be given for previous work that is substantially equivalent to, and at the same level as, prerequisites at Columbus State University. Regardless of the total number of semester credit hours allowed in transfer, a minimum of 31 semester hours must be taken in residence at Columbus State University after the student has qualified as a junior.

Requests for transfer credit will be considered for persons who have gained admission as transfer students and will be based on official transcripts supplied by colleges previously attended.

More information on transfer students and credits 

Columbus State University has a list of Transfer Articulation Agreements we've made with other colleges that ensure easy transition from these nearby colleges into Columbus State University.

Will my classes transfer to CSU?

View the transfer course equivalencies form to determine what courses from your previous institution may transfer to Columbus State University. Sidenote: if you reach your school form and you don't see classes on your transcript within our portal, don't worry, we will evaluate each transcript to maximize credit transfer. Classes within our portal are classes we have seen in the past on prior transcripts and is a continual growing list.

Other Sources of Credit

Other sources of possible credit include:

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