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Attendance - Columbus State University

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Office of the Registrar


Class attendance is expected of all students enrolled at Columbus State University. At the beginning of each semester, every instructor will distribute a course syllabus and clearly state his or her attendance policy. If an instructor does not provide a written attendance policy statement during the first week of classes, a student is permitted to accumulate a total of nine hours of absences in a three credit-hour course, or the equivalent in courses carrying other credit hours. Regular attendance at class or lab is a student obligation. Students are expected to account to individual instructors for absences and, at the discretion of the instructors, to make up all work missed because of absence. Students absent from a previously announced quiz or test may be given a grade of zero.

Students who exceed the attendance policy may be assigned a final grade of WF - Withdrawal Failing.

Students who are reported as never attended during the first two weeks of class will be removed from the official class roll. 

  • For students who do not receive financial aid, loans or scholarships: tuition and fees will be recalculated after the class is removed from the schedule. If appropriate, a refund will be issued to the student.
  • For students receiving financial aid, loans, or scholarships: tuition and fees will be recalculated after the class is removed and financial aid, loans, or scholarships will be adjusted accordingly. This adjustment could result in a reduction of aid awarded or loss of loan or scholarship funds.

Please review official withdrawal policy for more information. 

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