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Office of the Registrar


Reports of final grades are available at the end of each term in MyCSU.

Grades are not posted to students' academic records until the end of the term and are not considered official until all end-of-the-term processing has been completed, usually with three (3) business days from the last day of final exams. Grades for short-term classes can be viewed on students' academic advising records if the grades have been entered by the instructor.

Final grades will not be changed after one calendar year from the date assigned except by appeal to the university's Academic Standards Committee. A grade that appears to be incorrect should be reported to the instructor promptly.

A grade of Incomplete (I) indicates that a student was doing satisfactory work but, for non-academic reasons, was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. The requirements for removal of an Incomplete grade are left to the instructor. However, if an Incomplete grade is not satisfactorily removed within the next 12 months, the grade I will be changed to the grade F by the registrar. A course with an unresolved Incomplete grade may not be repeated.

Certain courses may be repeated for credit. To determine if a course may be repeated for credit, refer to the course description in this catalog. Students repeating a course for which credit has already been earned either at Columbus State University or by transfer of credits from another institution forfeit the previous credit in that course (except in the case of courses that may be repeated for credit). The student's final grade in the course will be the one made on repetition (even if the previous grade is higher). After earning a baccalaureate degree at Columbus State University, a student will forfeit credit earned for courses taken as repeats after graduation (except in the case of courses that may be repeated for credit).

The academic progress of all students is evaluated at the end of each semester. Determination of academic standing is based on a student's overall and semester grade point averages, and the number of course attempts in required learning support subject areas. GPA hours and grade points earned at other institutions are used in computing grade point averages as they affect academic standing. (NOTE: Academic standing is not the same as Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as determined by Financial Aid. For questions concerning SAP, contact the CSU Financial Aid Office.)

Information on Grades and Grade Point Averages (GPA), can be found in our Academic Regulations

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