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Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative


Resource List for Grades K - 2

Carlie Oelke

Name Link Description
Number Talk Cards
Math Perspectives

Ready-made number talk card images for students to practice subitizing. Teachers can print or insert into any power point with this free resource. Explore the different patterns to facilitate a number talk and watch how the cards progress throughout the school year.

Steve Wyborney Estimation
Steve Wyborney's Blog I'm on a learning mission

Explore Steve Wyborney’s free resources to change up your number talk routines. Use Splat! For finding missing parts while subitizing, Estimation Clipboards for estimation practice, and use his 20 Days of Number Sense & Rich Math Talk to kick off your number talk routine.

Virtual Manipulatives

Missing a class set of manipulatives? Try Didax’s virtual manipulatives. They have everything from Unifex Cubes, Ten Frames, Rekenreks, and Base Ten Blocks to be able to share with students or project for a lesson.

Young mathematicians

Kindergarten, this is the site for you! Explore research backed math games to implement in your classroom based on topic. Videos are provided for deeper knowledge on targeted concepts and all printable resources are provided.

Math Visuals by Berkeley Everett
Math Visuals

Berkeley Everett shares Math Visuals and videos with instructions on how to use in the classroom to enhance student math talk. Check out his free printouts as well to use in your classroom!

Resource List for Grades 3 - 5

Karen Hensen

Name Link Description
Numberless word problems

Help students overcome the “words” of word problems by removing the numbers. Organized by CGI. A ready resource for all teachers.

Which one doesn't belong

Find the one image that doesn’t fit with the other three. Every image has the potential to “not belong.” Scroll to the bottom of the homepage for links to related sites.

Open Middle

Challenging math problems to get students thinking! The tasks have a final correct answer, but there are multiple ways to approach and solve the problem. Organized by grade level.

  • Problem based learning with 3 Act Tasks
  • Progression Videos – short videos that show content across grade levels.

Math is figure out able Pam Harris

Podcast from Pam Harris that will get you excited that math is not just mimicking procedures and steps but figure outable and kids can do it! Get students “thinking” about math not just “doing” math.


Virtual manipulative site with applets for geometry, algebra, numbers, fractions, probability and data, and a few more goodies listed as “games and applications”.

mashup math

Math Puzzles for all grades. Activities Include: Number Sense, Two Truths, and a Lie, Which One Doesn’t Belong, Think Notice and Wonder, Riddles, Puzzles, Brain Teasers and so much more!

Student Engagement

Number Talks

Open Ended Tasks

Resource List for Middle School (Grade 6-8)

Hope Phillips

Name Link Description

Electronic manipulative site with applets for geometry, algebra, numbers, fractions, probability, and data, and a few more goodies listed as “games and applications”.

PhET Interactive Simulations,prototype

Phet provides fun, free, interactive, research-based mathematics (and science) The simulations are written in HTML5 (with some legacy simulations in Java or Flash) and can be run online or downloaded to your computer. All simulations are open-source simulations.

Which one doesn't belong

Find the one image that doesn’t fit with the other three. Every image has the potential to “not belong.” Scroll to the bottom of the homepage for links to related sites.

Estimation 180 by Andrew Stadel

Over 200 images where students must estimate the answer to the visual scenario. Examples include height, length, weight, and time. Some images have a reveal-the-answer video.


Applets cover algebra, geometry, measurement, number sense, operations, and probability and statistics. Use the applets in your lessons as warm-ups, starters, explorations, practice, exit tickets, etc. These resources are continually being added to, updated, and improved.

Other Resources

Resource List for High School (Grade 9-12)

Peter Anderson

Name Link Description
Math Medic

Each lesson begins with students working collaboratively in small groups through a sequence of carefully crafted questions that slowly build in complexity (Experience First). Following this activity, the teacher facilitates a discussion connecting students’ ideas with academic vocabulary and notation (Formalize Later). This approach encourages students to build strong math identities and take an active part in mathematical sense-making.

Desmos Classroom

Explore the Desmos Classroom platform’s free digital lessons and lesson-building tools

GeoGebra GeoGebra - the world’s favorite, free math tools used by over 100 million students and teachers

“An Oldie but a goodie” - This website just keeps getting better and better. They have organized their resources to make them easy to use. The lessons can be sent to the class and monitored in real time – like Desmos but different.

Mathigon's Polypad

The most dynamic and versatile math tool I have seen in years! It can be structured so individual sheets can be sent to students as an assignment. It is imbedded in Desmos as a tool as well.

Illustrative Mathematics

A problem-based core curriculum built on the principle that all students are capable learners of grade-level mathematics. Students learn math by doing math. They are encouraged to use their current understanding of math, their lived experiences, and the world around them as resources for problem solving.

Open Middle

Challenging Math Problems worth Solving. Challenges Sorted by grade and standards.

Math Warmups by Geoff Krall
Emergent Math

Forgive me – but if you are doing test prep questions as bell ringers – you are wasting time – Try these if you want meaningful math at the start of class.

Beginning to Solve Equations

Geometry - Volume Lab Handout

Geometry - Volume Lab Research and Related Work

Introduction to Imaginary Numbers

Other Links

Just in Time for Analytic Geometry Workshop

Other Resources

Name Link Description

Meriwether County Math Page

A well thought out and supported page. You will find some useful resources here! Contact – Joanne Britt -

West Ga RESA Math Page

This is an interesting page with a focus on GA state resources and some cool graphics. I like the cartoon page about math! Contact – Renee Hoard -

Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics

This Page is dedicated to information about Georgia Math teachers and is valuable if you are planning to attend the Conference at Rock Eagle in October!

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The NCTM Publications website provides access to NCTM journals and selected books. The website offers a variety of useful tools to ease navigation and search functions.

Chatt-Flint Math Page

Math Mentor Page – is under construction as of 8-11-23 but I expect some good things to be here soon. - Contact is Angie Brunson -


Fall MathFest - Connecting Mathematics to a World of 7 Billion Presentation (PDF)


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