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Donate to CRMC - Columbus State University

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Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative

Donate to CRMC

Ways to Contribute to the Math Collaborative

The Math Collaborative at Columbus State University is founded on the ideal to take every opportunity to improve mathematics education for students by creating teacher leaders, by improving teacher content knowledge, and by providing teachers with the best tools available.

The Math Collaborative subsists on financial support from area school systems when they purchase our services, along with some funding from Columbus State University through the CSU Foundation. This provides a budget that allows the Math Collaborative to offer support, resources, and professional learning opportunities to local teachers of mathematics.

Private funding allows the Math Collaborative the ability to offer more services to local mathematics teachers through regular school-year contact or through financial assistance to attend professional development workshops or other events. Private funding also enables local students to attend a Math Collaborative summer math camp.

When you support the Math Collaborative, you support education, in general, and teachers of mathematics, specifically. After all, where would we be without math?

Here are specific ways to donate to the Math Collaborative:

π Program – Professional Inspiration

Who inspired you in your professional life? Who inspired you to become a teacher? Who inspired you to teach mathematics? Honor or memorialize that person by making a donation to the Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative.

Contact Peter Anderson ( to see how we might honor your Professional Inspiration on the plaque housed in the Math Collaborative office.

Proceeds will fund professional development in mathematics so teachers can inspire a new generation of learners.

Helen P. Purks Scholarship Fund

Helen Purks Collins was the founding director of the Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative and a former Brookstone School teacher. Helen's dedication to mathematics and teaching extended well beyond her tenure at the Math Collaborative. As a result, encouraging and guiding math teachers to become teacher leaders, in their own schools and among their own peers, is a principle the current Math Collaborative staff holds close to heart.

Proceeds will fund financial assistance to math teachers to help them participate in professional development opportunities they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Ruby Tucker Fund for Excellence

Ruby Tucker is a former Muscogee County School District middle grades math teacher who absolutely loves mathematics. (Just ask her about origami!) Her enjoyment of teaching and her love for students far exceeds the time she spent in the classroom.

Proceeds will fund financial assistance for students to participate in a CRMC-sponsored summer math camp they would not otherwise be able to afford.

CLICK HERE to be directed to University Advancement's web page.  There, you will click on the 'Giving' tab, then complete the DONATION INFORMATION.

  1. Check the "Amount."
  2. Check the box "Other" under "Designation."
  3. In the "Other" box, type the name of the particular program you wish to support.
  4. Complete the balance of the information on the form.

Thank you for donating to the Math Collaborative!

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