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About the Honors College - Columbus State University

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Honors College

About the Honors College

Our Mission

Our dual mission provides an innovatively delivered curriculum for high achieving students and
advances the intellectual growth and recognition of the university. Our program challenges a
diverse community of students to individualize their academic experiences, while serving as an
institutional champion for undergraduate research, interdisciplinary studies and creative

Goals for Student Learning

Honors graduates will:

  • Identify resources and evaluate evidence used to support arguments or critiques in multiple academic disciplines.
  • Analyze the commonalities and discords of the different disciplinary perspectives.
  • Design independent inquiry projects that require critical and creative thinking.
  • Demonstrate effective research or performance skills in their academic discipline.
  • Connect their academic experience with local and global community experiences.
  • Experience interactive, innovative, and engaging instructional methods.

Meet Our Staff

Location and Contact Information

Office: Illges 308
Phone: 706-507-8644
Fax: 706-507-8775
Department Email:

Mailing Address

Columbus State University
Honors College
4225 University Avenue
Columbus, Georgia 31907-5645

headshot of Dr. Cindy Ticknor

Dr. Cindy Ticknor

Dean, Honors College

Department: Honors College
Phone: 706-507-8776
Office: Illges Hall 310
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headshot of Dr. Shannon Godlove

Dr. Shannon Godlove

Faculty Fellow

Department: Honors College
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headshot of Dr. Daewoo Lee

Dr. Daewoo Lee

Faculty Fellow

Department: Honors College
Area(s): American Government, Health Services
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headshot of Dr. Ryan Lynch

Dr. Ryan Lynch

Interim Associate Dean

Department: Honors College
Phone: 706-507-8397
Office: Yancey Center 350
Subject Matter Expert: Education, Education - Higher Education, History, Political Science
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headshot of Kristi Rehrauer

Kristi Rehrauer

Honors Academic Advisor

Department: Honors College
Phone: 706-507-8644
Office: Illges Hall 313
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headshot of Jasmine Reid

Jasmine Reid

Academic Advisor

Department: Honors College
Phone: 706-507-8771
Office: Illges Hall 312

headshot of Dr. Susan Tomkiewicz

Dr. Susan Tomkiewicz

Associate Dean / Professor, Honors College

Department: Honors College
Phone: 706-649-7298
Office: RiverCenter 2717
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headshot of Dr. Reba Wissner

Dr. Reba Wissner

Faculty Fellow

Department: Honors College
Area(s): Musicology
Subject Matter Expert: Accessibility, Education, Education - Higher Education, Education - Music Education, Education - Special Education, Film Production, Gender Studies, Music, Online Learning
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