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Honors College Advising - Columbus State University

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Honors College

Honors College Advising

The Honors College offers specialized advising and priority registration to students in the Honors College. This allows access to early class registration for flexibility in planning academic schedules, which in turn can help maximize opportunities for internships, service projects, and research experiences.

Why should I see an Honors Advisor?

Your advisor can:

  • Release an honors advising hold
  • Answer questions regarding student's academic progress (i.e. honors requirement, contract proposal, roll correction forms, changing major, degree program requirements, etc).
  • Guide students, avoid (if necessary), recover from academic missteps.
  • Offer guidance to students as they select appropriate courses for their major
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Discuss study aboard opportunities
  • Discuss national scholarship opportunities

CSU Academic Advising Mission Statement

Columbus State University will provide a comprehensive academic advisement system staffed by highly qualified advisors who interact in a positive, productive, and ethical manner with the diverse student population to provide assistance as students identify, clarify, and accomplish their educational and career goals.

CSU Academic Advising Goals

Through the comprehensive academic advising program at CSU, the advisor will:

  • Provide students with high-quality academic advising services which encourage them to pursue academic excellence.
  • Support and assist student in exploring, confirming, and achieving their education and career goals.
  • Assist students as they become independent decision-markers who demonstrate initiative and responsibility.
  • Contribute to student development by referring students to appropriate campus resources. 
  • Encourage participation in co-curricular and experiential learning activities. 


Appointments with the Honors Advisors can be made through the Accudemia System.

  • Log into your MyCSU account.
  • On the left-hand navigation (or slide-out nav on mobile), click on "Accudemia".
  • Follow the prompts.


  • Review your Columbus State transcript to make sure all transfer credits appear
  • Bring a writing utensil and paper
  • Know your Student ID Number (909)
  • Bring any previous advising materials
  • Bring any questions
  • Prepare a preliminary course selection (if applicable)

Please see Scheduling an Appointment if you need additional help.

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