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Ryan Lynch - Columbus State University

Columbus State University

headshot of Dr. Ryan Lynch

Dr. Ryan Lynch

Associate Professor
History & Geography

Honors Faculty Fellow in Residence
Honors College

Academic Areas

Medieval and Classical Islamic History, Early Islamic Conquests, Umayyad and Early 'Abbasid Dynasties, Arabic Historiography, al-Baladhuri


D.Phil., University of Oxford
M.Phil., University of Oxford
M.Litt., University of St Andrews
B.A., Stetson University


Dr. Ryan Lynch is a specialist of early Islamic history, specifically the Islamic conquests and the establishment (and representation) of the first Islamic states.

He is also the Graduate Program Coordinator and Program Coordinator for the CSU Digital Humanities program, along with serving the Columbus State University Honors College as Faculty-in-Residence. In the Honors College, he advises and teaches honors students throughout their time in Columbus.

Dr. Lynch arrived to CSU in Fall 2016, having previously taught for the University of Oxford, Stetson University, and Middlebury College's Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. He teaches introductory classes on World History to 1500 CE, foundational classes on Historical Methods and the Digital Humanities, as well as seminar classes on early Islam, Late Antiquity, jihadism, and the Caliphates.

Dr. Lynch’s research and teaching interests also combine the pre-modern with modern digital techniques and approaches, and he has an increasing specialization on computation textual reuse analysis as well as the use of the past in modern media such as video games.

You can read more about Dr. Lynch's research on his personal website.

Virtual Advisor