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Honors College Student Organization - Columbus State University

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Honors College

Honors College Student Organization

Students in the CSU Honors College have the privilege of joining Honoris Causa, our award-winning campus organization. Honoris Causa translates into “for the sake of honor” in Latin and characterizes the dedication and leadership exhibited by its members through its many campus, community and cultural activities. Members in the organization work together on student-generated service projects, advising and shaping the CSU Honors College curriculum, and coordinating academic and social events.

Participation in Honoris Causa allows members to develop projects to serve our campus and community, while maintaining a forum for discussing current campus events and honors offerings. As one of the leading student organizations, Honoris Causa sponsors the annual student colloquium, CSU Tower Day, where undergraduate students showcase their research, paper presentations, creative projects, and original works.

Members are encouraged to assume leadership roles, both in Honoris Causa and within their disciplines, to develop skills that allow deeper civic engagement and promote community interaction. Our students in the past have coordinated:

  • Volunteering events such as Day of Service, Ronald McDonald Charities, Heifer International, March of Dimes, and others
  • Service projects such as tutoring and reading to at-risk youth
  • Study groups and academic resource exchanges
  • Social activities such as movie nights, game nights, paint nights, and picnics
  • Weekend retreats, such as whitewater rafting, snow skiing, and hiking

Active Membership

Membership in Honoris Causa is strongly encouraged since the organization is essential to the success of the overall program and is used as a vehicle to announce program curriculum and policies. Active members attend at least 1 Honoris Causa meetings and 1 sponsored events each semester, plus an additional attendance credit at either another meeting or another event. Members may choose to attend monthly meetings on Main campus in Illges 317 or on the RiverPark campus in the new Frank Brown Hall. Schedules of sponsored events are available on the CSU Honors College Calendar and are announced at the beginning of each semester.

Officers 2023–24

Jarrett Huckaby
Main Campus Vice-President
Elise Snow
RiverPark Vice-President
Charlie Hearn
Megan Brenner
Main Campus Secretary
Lauren Katzfey
RiverPark Secretary
Lilly Patterson
Social Media Coordinator
Sam Kimball
Social Events Coordinator
Taylor Wicklund

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