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Mission & Vision - Columbus State University

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Honors College

Mission & Vision

Honors College Vision Statement

The Honors College will make Columbus State University a first choice institution for students who strive to succeed by championing innovative instruction, undergraduate research and interdisciplinary studies.

Honors College Mission

Our dual mission provides an innovatively delivered curriculum for high achieving students and advances the intellectual growth and recognition of the university. The Honors College challenges a diverse community of students to individualize their academic experiences, while serving as an institutional champion for undergraduate research, interdisciplinary studies and creative instruction.

Honors College Learning Outcomes

Honors graduates will:

  • Identify resources and evaluate evidence used to support arguments or critiques in multiple academic disciplines.
  • Analyze the commonalities and discords of the different disciplinary perspectives.
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness and view issues from a global perspective.
  • Design independent inquiry projects that require critical and creative thinking.
  • Demonstrate effective research or performance skills in their academic discipline.
  • Experience interactive, innovative, and engaging instructional methods.
  • Connect their academic experience with local community experiences.
  • Demonstrate that they are prepared for a career in their chosen field.

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