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Strategic Plan - Columbus State University

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College of Education and Health Professions

Strategic Plan


The College of Education and Health Professions strives to be the first choice in preparing professionals and leaders to make positive contributions to the local and global community.

Mission Statement

The College of Education and Health Professions prepares highly qualified and sought-after professionals who lead with respect, integrity, and compassion and possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to improve P-12 student learning, professional health care, and the overall quality of life in our local and global communities.

Core Values

  1. Quality – The highest standard of value used to evaluate academic and professional initiatives, programs, and outcomes.
  2. Respect – Positive regard for the work, devotion, and professional character of others as possessing inherent value towards the College of Education and Health Professions' mission.
  3. Integrity – The consistent presentation of moral, ethical, and character traits reflective of authentic interactions.
  4. Compassion – Awareness, understanding, and an interest in the correction or resolution of another's distress.
  5. Communication – The process of sharing relevant information in a timely, transparent, and effective manner to ensure mutual understanding.
  6. Collaboration – The intentional act of working together with other professionals for the purpose of achieving an academically or professionally relevant outcome.
  7. Innovation – The constructive improvement and development of a concept, practice, or production that can be considered new or comparatively significant in its difference from relative precedence.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Strengthen Community Partnerships
  2. Support Professional Commitment & Investment
  3. Increase Collaboration within COEHP and with other Colleges
  4. Growth in Programs
  5. Increase and Track Student Success

Strategic Initiative 1: Strengthen Community Partnerships

  • Goal # 1: Increase collaboration with existing partners.
    • Strategies:
      • Share information and gather input from partner group meetings (e.g.Principal's Roundtable, Program Advisory Committees, Nursing Advisory Committee, Region Educational Service Agency, Health Care Organizations, etc.).
      • Develop innovative initiatives in conjunction with community partners.
      • Participate in Health Fairs.
      • Utilize technology as a tool for innovative collaborative models.
  • Goal # 2: Enhance the reciprocal nature of partnerships.
    • Strategies:
      • Maintain the collaborative nature of partner groups (e.g. Hospitals, Principal's Roundtable, Program Advisory Committees, etc.).
      • Seek opportunities for engaging partners in collaborative work.
  • Goal # 3: Have a positive impact on more members of the community through active partnerships.
    • Strategies:
      • Actively engage in the partnership and provide support and assistance whenever feasible.
      • Engage in research to target the specific needs of community partners.
      • Seek opportunities to get involved in the work of community partners.
  • Goal # 4: Improve name recognition and academic reputation of COEHP.
    • Strategies:
      • Engage in quality research, presentation, and publication in the fields of education and health.
      • Maintain high-quality programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Strategic Initiative 2: Professional Commitment & Investment

  • Goal # 1: Infuse core values throughout programs and incorporate into annual evaluations.
    • Strategies:
      • Post core values throughout college buildings.
      • Regularly recognize faculty who exhibit core values.
      • Incorporate core values throughout department and college Standards of Excellence.
  • Goal # 2: Increase faculty research productivity
    • Strategies:
      • Review Policy regarding teaching and research.
      • Develop a feasible plan to allocate resources (including technology) for increasing faculty engagement in teaching and research.

Strategic Initiative 3: Increase Collaboration within COEHP and with other Colleges

  • Goal # 1: Increase collaboration with centers.
    • Strategies
      • Increase opportunities for COEHP students to engage in public informal education activities at the Coca-Cola Space Science Center.
      • Increase use of Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center (Oxbow) Facility, Grounds and Resources.
      • Collaborate with Center for Quality Teaching and Learning to establish a Professional Development School.
      • Collaborate with Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative to foster the teaching and learning of meaningful mathematics for all students, grades P-16.
  • Goal # 2: Increase collaboration between departments.
    • Strategies
      • Engage in collaborative research with colleagues from other departments.
      • All departments collaborate to establish Professional Development School with education and health services.
  • Goal # 3: Increase collaboration with other colleges.
    • Strategies
      • Seek opportunities and initiatives to increase collaboration with other colleges across campus to improve existing programs and/or develop new programs (e.g. UTeach Columbus, Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows Program, etc.).
      • Develop collaborative partnerships with other colleges across campus to support other goals of the strategic plan (e.g., increase RPG, support recruitment, etc.)

Strategic Initiative 4: Growth in Programs

Counseling, Foundations, and Leadership

  • Goal # 1: Counseling faculty members will reestablish traditional cross- disciplinary connections with undergraduate departments and student organizations affiliated with mental and systemic health service.
  • Goal # 2: Key persons will continue to communicate with the online program management provider. Currently, Academic Partnerships is contractually responsible for recruitment and some internship coordination.
  • Goal # 3: The establishment of 2-3 off-campus centers within 75-100 mile radius of CSU with sufficient population to support programs.

Teacher Education, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences, & Nursing

  • Goal # 1: Utilize available recruitment tools.
    • Strategies:
      • Participate in Discovery Days
      • Ensure all brochures, documents, etc. are up-to-date
      • Utilize available recruiters
      • Participate in Graduate Fairs
      • Keep the website updated
  • Goal # 2: Develop new recruitment initiatives
    • Strategies:
      • Develop new COEHP Ambassadors Student Organization to participate in recruiting events
      • Explore future program options for fully online implementation in conjunction with Academic Partnerships
      • Identify and participate in recruitment opportunities for graduate programs.
      • Partner with area high schools that have health occupation programs (e.g. HOSA)
      • Identify and utilize technology resources as tools for recruitment.

Strategic Initiative 5: Increase and Track Student Success

  • Goal # 1: Increase Student Retention
    • Strategies:
      • Analyze RPG data (campus-wide and college-wide)
      • Implement programs in collaboration with the advising offices.
  • Goal # 2: Increase Graduation Rates
    • Strategies:
      • Implement new programs to address RPG data
      • Improve communication with program faculty and directors
  • Goal # 3: Grow Scholarships
    • Strategies:
      • Publicize and award all currently available scholarships.
      • Collect comprehensive data on scholarship applicants, awardees, and the successful utilization of funds in order to create a more compelling argument to prospective donors.
  • Goal # 4: Increase Travel Funds for Students
    • Strategies:
      • Publicize and award currently available student travel funds.
      • Collect comprehensive data on student travel applicants, awardees, and the successful utilization of funds in order to create a more compelling argument to prospective donors.

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