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Graduate Studies - Columbus State University

College of Education and Health Professions

Graduate Studies

Welcome all new and returning COEHP graduate students! The College of Education and Health Professions is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge through research and discovery, teaching and learning, community engagement and public service. We offer a wide range of graduate degree programs in education and in the health professions.

Graduate Council

Purpose:   Promote graduate studies in COEHP, evaluate requests for readmission after exclusion, consider graduate admission appeals, and recommend graduate studies policy.

Membership:  2 faculty members from each department appointed by department chairs; dean appoints 1-3 additional members; Director of Doctoral Program; and Director of Graduate Studies chairs committee. All members must have Graduate Faculty status. Members include:

Brian Tyo, Chair, COEHP Grad Director (Chair)

Jennifer Lovelace, Director Doctoral Program

Marguerite Lawrence - SON (22)

Kate Early – KHS (21)

Charlotte Henderson- Dean appointed (22) 

Saoussan Maarouf– TLC (21)

Sarah Gravel – SON (21)

Mariam Sandifer– TLC (22)

Patricia Anafi – KHS (22)

Tammy Condrey - Dean appointed (21)

Petition for Appeal - Graduate Council (PDF)


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Ask Cody