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Ethical and Legal Issues - Columbus State University

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College of Education and Health Professions

Ethical and Legal Issues

The College of Education and Health Professions (COEHP) is fully committed to the values listed below in everything we do. All members of the COEHP community are expected to operate with the highest level of integrity, ethical, and professional conduct at all times. Additionally, we adhere to all federal laws, state laws and policies set forth by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents. We work to maintain these high ethical standards by staying informed of legal issues that impact our college and the community we serve. As such, our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) committee and our Ethical and Legal Issues Taskforce work together to ensure our college is operating with the most current information.

CSU Values

Commitment to best practices in teaching and learning, scholarship and creative activity, student engagement, cultural enrichment and campus environment
The pursuit of distinction through inquiry and innovation, challenging convention and focusing on solutions
Active civil participation by students, faculty, and staff in the university experience
Commitment to behaviors that recognize and respect our environmental context
Fostering and promoting a campus that embraces diverse people, ideas, views and practices
Servant Leadership
Effective, ethical leadership through empowerment and service

COEHP Values

The highest standard of value used to evaluate academic and professional initiatives, programs, and outcomes
Positive regard for the work, devotion, and professional character of others as possessing inherent value towards the College of Education and Health Professions' mission
The consistent presentation of moral, ethical, and character traits reflective of authentic interactions.
Awareness, understanding, and an interest in the correction or resolution of another's distress
The process of sharing relevant information in a timely, transparent, and effective manner to ensure mutual understanding
The intentional act of working together with other professionals for the purpose of achieving an academically or professionally relevant outcome
The constructive improvement and development of a concept, practice, or production that can be considered new or comparatively significant in its difference from relative precedence

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