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Quality Assurance Handbook - Columbus State University

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College of Education and Health Professions

Quality Assurance Handbook

Quality Assurance System
Educator Preparation Programs 

CAEP Standard 5

The purpose of the unit's Quality Assurance System (QAS) Handbook is to document the unit’s assessment/accreditation system so that all professional education faculty members are aware of and understand the Quality Assurance Plan to ensure its full implementation.

The purpose of the Quality Assurance System is to 1) demonstrate an alignment of overarching standards and learning outcomes and 2) develop an efficient, sustainable process [assessment scheme] for a systematic review of assessment instruments and data for continuous improvement of programs. The facts and figures publications provide a venue for the systematic review of assessment instruments and data.

Department Facts and Figures

CAEP Standard 5: Provider Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Capacity

2020 Reviewers and Editors for Standard 5 Lead
Dr. Jan Burcham, Associate Dean for Education and Standard 5 Lead
Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation

2018, 2019 Reviewers and Editors

Dr. Deirdre Greer, Dean
Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation
Dr. Jennifer Brown
Dr. Spencer Garrard
Dr. Chris Garretson
Dr. Andrea Dawn Frazier
Dr. Pam Wetherington
Dr. Margie Yates
Ms. Jackie Adamczyk

2017 Reviewers and Editors

Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, Associate Dean for Assessment and Accreditation (Lead Editor/Author)
Dr. Erinn Bentley, Dr. Jennifer Brown, Dr. Basil Conway, Dr. Toni Franklin, Dr. Andrea Dawn Frazier, Dr. Deirdre Greer,
Mr. Roger Hatcher, Dr. Ellen Martin, Dr. Deniz Peker, Dr. Margie Yates, and Ms. Jackie Adamczyk

National Accreditation Steering Committee Revised Version, 2019

The Quality Assurance System Handbook Updated Version
Revised, Edited, and Further Developed by Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller, (Spring 2019)

The COEHP Quality Assurance System Committee acknowledges Coastal Carolina University for sharing its Professional Education Unit Assessment Handbook, which served as an inspiration and model for the Quality Assurance Handbook.

The Quality Assurance Handbook developed July 2011, Jan G. Burcham, Ph.D.

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