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Current Students - Columbus State University

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The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Current Students

Information for New Schwob School of Music Undergraduate Students (PDF)


  • Degree Requirements - see Music Advising below.
  • Graduate Project Guidelines--see Music Education Advising below.
  • Suggested Courses of Study - see Music Advising below.
Curricular Practical Training (CPT) information, including forms
Convocation Information
Ensemble Auditions (PDF)Ensemble Audition Excerpts
Master of Music in Performance Handbook (PDF)
Master of Music Diagnostic Exam Study Guide (PDF)
Media Protocols
Music Library
Music Theory/Aural Skills/Keyboard Proficiency
Recital Booking
Recording Studio Prices and Policies
Room Reservation / Program / Event Setup Policies
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Scholarships and Financial Aid
Student Employment
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CSU Student Handbook


Taking the courses required for graduation is the student's responsibility, but advisors are available to help in any way possible. All students have an advisor assigned to answer any and all questions. Of course, you may be able to find answers on your own by carefully reading the FAQ and the forms below--make sure you have the Degree Requirements and Suggested Course of Study sheets for your degree track.

Program of Study

Bachelor of Arts - Music

Bachelor of Music - Music Education, Choral Concentration

Bachelor of Music - Music Education, Instrumental

Bachelor of Music - Music Performance, Instrumental Concentration

Bachelor of Music - Music Performance , Piano/Organ Concentration

Bachelor of Music - Music Performance, Vocal Concentration

Master of Music - Music Performance

Artist Diploma Certificate


Look on your Enrollment Services tab, under Academic Advising Record. Your advisor's name is at the top of that chart.

You can't find it yourself on the schedule of courses. You need to meet with your advisor who will look up the correct CRN and give it to you. Don't lose it!

First, the university's online catalog has a complete list of courses needed for your degree (based on the catalog year you started) and a semester by semester guide. Second, this very page has the same information--look up to the boxes to find the year you started at CSU to get to your degree requirements.

First, you have to have advised and your advisor must remove the hold for the correct semester. Second, if you owe fines or parking tickets, you have to pay those before you can register. Third, you might be trying to register before the day allowed for your class standing (check your class standing on your Academic Advising Record, on your Enrollment Services tab).

Relax. Many music courses have strange error messages that pop up. Check your CSU email to read how to contact Dr. Kristen Hansen for an override fix for that music course(s). If you are getting an error for a course that is NOT a music course, chances are you don't have the pre-requisite for the course or the course is full. If it's full, you can certainly email that professor and ask if they can let you in the class. You could also email that department and ask that a pre-req be waived for you (but that is not very likely).

You can add courses during pre-registration, all the way up to a few weeks before classes start. Then, in the first week of each semester, you have just four days to change courses without a penalty to you. It's best if you get your schedule fixed before classes begin. Add courses in the Add/Drop/Withdraw menu on your Enrollment Services tab at this time. AFTER the schedule change period (after the first week of class) you will need a paper Roll Correction form. See Dr. Hansen.
To drop a course, you can drop a course without it counting at all during the schedule change period. You can drop a course up to the Withdraw deadline and it will simply show as a W, and not count against you in your GPA (although it will then log as hours attempted in your financial aid). If you drop a course after the Withdraw deadline, you will receive a WF which counts as an F in your GPA. The deadline for each semester can be found here along with other important deadlines and dates: Academic Calendar

It is YOUR responsibility. Check your schedule of courses periodically, and check your financial account as well. Make sure you are aware of upcoming deadlines and be proactive!

Welcome to Music Education at the Schwob School of Music! We hope you will find the information included on this web page to be of value. Please visit often and let us know how we can improve this site.


BM Music Education Choral Concentration

BM Music Education Instrumental Concentration


Dr. Michelle Folta

Dr. Michelle Folta

Position: Associate Professor
Office: RiverCenter 1917
Phone: 706-649-7243
Discipline: Choral
View Profile for Dr. Michelle Folta

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Student Advising and Field Experiences

Center for Quality Teaching and Learning (CQTL)

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Graduate Project Guidelines (PDF)

Student Teaching Checklist (PDF)




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