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Technology Studio Regulations - Columbus State University

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The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Technology Studio Regulations

All individuals using equipment and spaces under the care of the music technology area in the Schwob School of Music are required to read, agree, and comply with these regulations.

No individual is permitted to use or enter the studio spaces unaccompanied without first reading and agreeing to this regulation sheet. You are advised to keep these regulations for reference.

General Regulations

1.1 All users of the studios are required to comply with these regulations and with the University's general regulations regarding the use of computer equipment. The University's code of practice on computers contains severe penalties for misuse (including dismissal from the University). In addition, studio users must follow any instructions posted on the bulletin boards and/or message areas of individual spaces, and comply with any specific requests regarding studio procedures from Dr. McCabe, the Schwob Technical Staff, and individual course instructors teaching Music Technology.

1.2 Never leave exterior doors on any technology facility open (recording spaces, One Arsenal 189, 1901, 1902, etc) while the room is unattended, even for a moment! -- Studio equipment is expensive! If you must leave the facility for any reason, simply close the door behind you and then use your key, scan card, or code to re-enter. DO NOT PROP THE DOOR OPEN WHEN THE ROOM IS VACANT FOR ANY REASON.

1.3 You may not bring outside equipment into any of the technology facilities, nor should you attempt to disconnect, move or modify equipment, or tamper with any power plug, audio connection, or cable. If you want to bring in outside equipment, ask Dr. McCabe, who will assist you to ensure your equipment is properly integrated into the studio environment. Anyone found reconnecting, moving equipment, or installing/removing software will lose all studio privileges for the remainder of the school year. This includes students and non-students.

1.4 Report any possible faulty equipment immediately (by email, telephone, text message, etc). Please do not leave problems unreported and do not attempt any repairs yourself unless specifically instructed to do so.

1.5 Please follow power-up and power-down routines on all equipment (speakers on last, off first).

1.6 Food and drink are to be kept on producer tables or away from computers and other tech items. Please do not set drinks on any surface where technology is present.

1.7 Studios must be kept clean and tidy; personal items must not be left in them. You should also leave studio items such as mixers set in their 'neutral' positions for the next user. Manuals are for studio use only; please do not remove them for any reason.

1.8 The Music Technology Faculty have the right to deny access to Studio facilities for any infringements of these regulations, with no appeal. Such withdrawal of access could, obviously, affect student grades, professional opportunities, and employment.

Scheduling & Studio Access

2.1 Individuals may request weekly studio work time that is reserved for their use only. Please contact Dr. McCabe if you are interested in scheduling these times. Concerts scheduled on top of personal studio time will take precedence, however.

2.2 Students and other members of the CSU community are given both combination codes and magnetic or RFID access cards with which to gain access to studio spaces. Individuals should not write down combination lock codes, door codes, etc. or share their scan card with anyone else. Anyone caught sharing access codes or scan cards with non-approved users will have their studio privileges revoked for the semester. If you write down the code and lose the notebook on which the code was written, please inform Dr. McCabe immediately so the access code can be changed. Please help us keep our studios secure.

2.3 Concert recording is scheduled on per-semester basis, please see the Recording Services Policies page for more information on concert recording and private sessions.

Recording & Other Portable Equipment

3.1 All equipment on all workstations is permanent and may not be moved between stations.

3.2 Some equipment may be checked out for use outside of the studio spaces. Please ask your instructor or Dr. McCabe how to go about doing this. Users will be allowed to check out equipment for up to four hours during the day, or overnight with early return times. Other needs may be accommodated with special requests. Upon checking out equipment, liability is immediately transferred to the borrower. All equipment must be returned in the same condition in which it was checked out. Students are responsible for providing their own supplemental equipment as needed. Financial liability for theft, loss or damage of these items rests solely with the borrower.

Protecting Your Work

4.1 The Music Technology area cannot accept responsibility for lost material. Unidentified CDs, DVDs, or other storage media will be removed from the studio and/or recycled.

4.2 Hard disk failure and operator error are common! The Audio Technology Area cannot accept responsibility for material stored on university servers or any studio drive. Loss of data will not be accepted as an excuse for non-submission of work for courses. It is your responsibility to back up your own material. CD-R, DVD-R, USB, and other storage facilities are abundant – please use them!

4.3 You can buy media of various types from stores in town or online as needed. Students are responsible for providing their own media for project submission and backup purposes. The Music Technology Area provides media in the studio spaces for use on CSU Music Department Projects only. Using CSU-purchased blank media for personal projects is stealing.

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