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Technology Facilities - Columbus State University

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The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Technology Facilities

The Schwob School of Music offers a variety of technology-oriented spaces for student and faculty work. Our goal is to provide best-in-class equipment and software for student learning, faculty development, teaching, and artistic expression. Each space is pictured below. If you would like to know more about the school's technology program, see a copy of our impressive equipment list, or to schedule a tour, please contact Dr. Matthew McCabe.

The Bill and Marion Feighner Recording Studio, located in room 1901 of the Schwob School of Music, is the central control room for all RiverCenter performance halls and school rehearsal spaces. More than 200 audio lines run into the room from across the building. The studio contains a Mac Pro, which used ProTools 2019 to record and master concerts through a MOTU16A interface. Students of the technology area have access to the equipment for projects, which includes a Toft ATB24 console, Earthworks and Solid State Logic preamps, and a variety of mics and small interfaces.

Recording Studio Mac Pro Workstation

This studio also houses a streaming iMac which uses audio from a Soundcraft Ui16 interface to merge with streaming software. Live video is carried over the network to this computer, which serves as the director's station for live streams.

1901 Live Streaming Workstation

The Digital Media Studio, located in room 1902 of the Schwob School of Music, is designed as a video project space. it houses all the school's camera and live video equipment, as well as an identical Mac Pro to 1901, with ProTools installed for audio-based projects, Final Cut Pro for video production and editing, and Adobe Creative Suite for all other digital media purposes. This is a dedicated project space for many of the social media projects at the Schwob School of Music.

Digital Media Studio

The Recording Studio Work Room, located in room 2605 of the Schwob School of Music, houses the tech area's three standard audio workstations and the area's CD production workstation. This includes a disc surface printer, CD duplicator, and laser printer. All of the discs produced by the tech area are made in the Work Room.

Technology Area Workstation

The Audio Technology Lab, located in One Arsenal Place room 189, has 13 state-of-the-art iMacs available for classes. These computers all have ProTools 2019 and the full Adobe Creative Suite available, allowing students of technology courses to have hands-on digital media experience. This room also contains a lecture space with a 60-inch touch screen for digital demonstration purposes.

Audio Lab Full Room View

Audio Lab Sample Workstation

Audio Lab Lecture Screen

Legacy Hall, part of the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, is the school's primary concert space. The hall of choice for all recitals and large ensemble concerts, Legacy Hall also houses the Jordan Organ, a beautiful instrument with 3600 pipes, 57 stops, and 63 ranks. The hall contains a 40- channel Crest X8 console, infrared assistive listening system, and a variety of possibilities for live sound reinforcement. This is the preferred location for the more than 60 live streams performed annually at the Schwob School of Music.

Legacy Hall Audio Booth

Streaming Camera in Legacy Hall 

Studio Theatre at the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts is equipped with a 40-channel Crest X8 console, outboard processing gear, and surround sound playback capabilities. In addition to the robust sound system, Studio Theatre is also a fully configurable theatrical space with numerous lighting dimmers, a modular stage, and flexible seating options, as well as an infrared assistive listening system for the hearing impaired. Studio Theatre hosts many student solo recitals as well as the Popular Music Ensemble, Jazz Combos, and Big Band concerts. This hall also has the capability for live streaming performances as well.

Studio Theater Audio Booth

Each of the large rehearsal rooms within the Schwob School of Music houses a digital audio system, capable of playing music from auxiliary devices. The main cabinet in each room is connected to a pair of speakers that are mounted on the walls. Each rehearsal space is equipped with a wall console that allows direct audio lines to be connected to the control room in 1901.

Rehearsal Room Audio System

The Keyboard Teaching Lab is located in the Music Library of the Schwob School of Music. Functioning primarily as a classroom, this space has 14 electronic keyboards available for student use. The room also contains six Macs for music-related projects.

Keyboard Teaching Lab

All equipment used for technology related projects is owned by Columbus State University or faculty/staff. For specific questions regarding the spaces and equipment discussed above, please contact Dr. Matthew McCabe.

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