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Concert Scheduling and Management - Columbus State University

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The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Concert Scheduling and Management

This web page will assist you as you wish to book rehearsals and performances in the various venues within the Schwob School of Music Saunders Center for Music Studies. You will also find guidelines for submitting material for concert programs, as well as the various policies and requirements for any rehearsals or performances booked in these facilities.

Student Recitals

Most student recitals are those required in partial completion of a degree or certificate within the music program. Please note that even student recitals that are not presented for degree requirements must go through similar approval channels, and that includes the steps for booking performance and rehearsal times, as well as program submission.

How to schedule your recital

  1. Before the scheduling deadline, discuss with your applied professor and your pianist 3 dates and times that will work for all of you.
  2. Contact the Concert and Facilities Coordinator with the 3 dates and times that you work best for you. (
  3. The coordinator will contact you with the date and time that works best in the schedule. (Remember, YOU are responsible for providing a stage manager and someone to work front-of-house.)
  4. Complete the recital application by the deadline, which you will receive at your CSU email account.

How to submit your program for printing

  • At least 2 weeks prior to your recital, complete the Recital Program Template (Word). This will allow time to have program proofread and printed.
  • Include ALL information, including catalogue numbers (for example, K. numbers Op. numbers). You must also use the correct diacritical marks from the template.
  • Make sure you have all of the composer dates that are available.
  • Your professor will be asked to proofread - then the final copies will be placed in his/her mailbox.
  • The applied professor is responsible for bringing the programs to your recital.

Faculty and Guest Artist Recitals

Any performance given by faculty or guest artists should be coordinated with the Concert Manager. This information will direct you on how to request rehearsal and performance times and venues, and provide a way to submit your concert program.

You are encouraged to schedule with the Concert and Facilities Manager as far in advance of performance dates as is feasible. Please contact Tao Ge at or in RCPA 2718.

Ensemble Concerts

Please check the published concert calendar in advance of the semester to be sure that your event has already been scheduled. You may check with the Concert and Facilities Manager as well to be sure that all information regarding setup and acoustic needs of the concert halls are anticipated.

How to submit your program for printing

These guidelines will serve for all programs to be performed by faculty and guest artists, and for ensemble concerts directed or supervised by SSOM faculty. Please do note that deadlines for program submission are very important, and information received late may compromise the amount of editing available to render a suitable printed program.

Program templates and the style sheet used by the Schwob School of Music Concert Office are shown in examples below.

  • At least 2 weeks prior to your recital, go to the online form.
  • Then fill out all of the boxes completely. Include ALL information including catalogue numbers (Kochel and opus numbers, for example). Please include all diacritical marks that are often not used in written English.
  • In the boxes where information is not available or required mark the box with N/A.
  • Then attach all of the program notes and bios that you would like to appear on the program. (Keep in mind that program notes and bios will be edited for space.)
  • Once you fill out the form click the submit button. The Form will then be sent to the coordinator for a proof program.
  • Once your program is finished you will be you will be emailed a proof program so that you may make corrections.
  • Once you make the corrections, email the program back to the coordinator with notes on the corrections made.
  • The coordinator will make all necessary corrections to the program and send the program back to you for approval.
  • Once you approve the final your program will be printed and be brought to the concert by the concert manager for the evening.

Large Ensemble Program Sample (PDF)

Regular Program Sample (PDF) (used for solo and chamber recitals)

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