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Media Protocols - Columbus State University

The Joyce and Henry Schwob School of Music

Media Protocols

The Schwob Media team is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students under the direction of Dr. Stephanie Patterson. During the academic year, the team works to document and draw external attention to the Schwob School of Music and Columbus State University by highlighting events and achievements of current students and faculty members, promoting campaigns aimed at recruitment, maintaining alumni relationships, and creating world-wide exposure.


The Schwob Media team can be reached at:, and Dr. Patterson can be reached at Please do not contact the media team workers through their personal accounts.

The following services are provided to SSOM staff and faculty through the media team:


If something great happens, we want to hear about it and help you promote it! Please send us your desired image and caption for your post. We will make our best effort to share or create your post as soon as we receive it.

Event Pages

A facebook event page will be created for each SSOM Event listed in the concert event calendar, and the hosting studio will be made a co-host at the time of creation (if applicable). Event pages will go live two weeks in advance of the start date. If you would like specific information or a custom image included on the page please email the media team with your event name, date, and details you wish us to modify at least 14 business days in advance. If your event was added to the calendar later than the start of the semester, please email us to ensure that we have your event queued.

Event Photography

The media team will automatically provide a photographer for large ensemble events, and most faculty recitals. If your event is out of this purview, or if you are unsure if a photographer is confirmed, please request a photographer by emailing the media team. Requests should be received at least two weeks in advance of the event date. A member of our team will send you a confirmation within 3 business days confirming whether we will be available to honor your request.

Publicity Photography

The photography team will make themselves available for publicity photos for studio events and student accomplishments when time allows. Photoshoots will occur on campus, or near the Schwob School of Music, and will last approximately 10-15 minutes. To request a publicity photo be taken please email the media team.


Photos taken by the Schwob Media team will be available for view and download on our Flickr page approximately (3-5 business days) following the event or photoshoot. Please do not crop the SSOM watermark from the photo. If you are in need of an unwatermarked photo for professional printing purposes please email the media team with the event date, name, and photo file name.

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