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The Graduate Writing Center - Columbus State University

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Graduate School

The Graduate Writing Center

Events and resources for assisting graduate students with the writing and research process.

The Graduate Research & Writing Boot Camp

A Resource for Researchers of all Skill Levels
The Graduate Research & Writing Boot Camp is open to all CSU graduate students and undergraduate juniors and seniors. Workshops are held in the fall and spring and are designed to assist students with all levels of the research process. A variety of topics are discussed that are appropriate for beginning researchers to those completing theses or dissertations. All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the Graduate School’s YouTube page.

This seminar is for you if you:

  • are new to the research process.
  • want to improve your academic writing.
  • need a deeper understanding of ethical and professional behaviors in research, including plagiarism, the IRB process, etc.
  • are working on a thesis or dissertation.
  • want to improve your formatting and technical skills.
  • want to learn about APA style formatting.

The Graduate Research & Writing Boot Camp YouTube Videos

2023 Research & Writing Bootcamp Presentation Slides

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