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Graduate Student Advisory Council - Columbus State University

Graduate School

Required Graduate Assistant Orientation | Friday, August 19, 2022, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Details will be emailed soon to all Graduate Assistants

Graduate Student Advisory Council


The purpose of this council is to help advise the Graduate School activities and programming. Our voices will be representative of our programs and colleges and help inform the Graduate School services for all graduate students.

College of the Arts

Taylor Mack photo, female with long hair smiling
Taylor Mack (Primary)

Sho Irikawa photo, man with brown hair smiling
Sho Irikawa (Alternate)

Larren Woodward photo, woman with brown hair smiling
Larren Woodward (Primary)
Theatre Education

Turner College of Business

Sonipriya Paul, woman with glasses
Sonipriya Paul (Primary)
Computer Science

No Photo Available
Zeinab Ahmed (Alternate)
Computer Science

Jessica Phelps, woman wearing glasses
Jessica Phelps (Primary)
Business Administration

College of Education & Health Professions

Derrick Warnock a male with brown hair, facial hair, smiling
Derrick Warnock
Curriculum & Leadership

Monica Benitez a female with long brown hair wearing glasses
Monica Benitez (Alternate)
Curriculum & Leadership

Dvaiea' Flowers a female with short brown hair smiling
Daviea Flowers (Alternate)
Curriculum & Leadership

No Photo Available
Jametia Wimbush (Alternate)
Curriculum & Leadership

Hannah Schultz a female with long blonde hair
Hannah Schultz
Family Nurse Practitioner

Micheal Lambert Photo man with brown hair and glasses
Michael Lambert
Public Health

Peace Alao Photo woman wearing glasses
Peace Alao (Alternate)
Public Health

No Photo Available
Landris Baggs (Alternate)
Public Health

College of Letters & Sciences

Edison Rea Photo, man with brown hair and glasses
Edison Rea
Natural Sciences

The Graduate School

Heather Sigmund Photo, female with short brown curly hair
Heather Sigmund
Graduate Assistant

Sergio Rivera Photo, man with brown hair
Sergio Rivera
Graduate Assistant

Virtual Advisor