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Graduate Impact Series - Columbus State University

Graduate School

Graduate Impact Series

Dwayne White Photo

"I once heard someone say, 'the Creator didn’t give you another day in your life because you need it; he gave it because someone else out there needs you.'"

Dwayne White, MS, LPC, NCC, CCMHC
Master of Public Administration, Criminal Justice Track (2013)
Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (2016)

"Well, I certainly do credit my not-so-enviable upbringing and experiences at CSU as the main catalyst for the drive I have felt, for decades, to provide help for persons our society too often neglects and marginalizes." Read his story here   (PDF)

Alexis Knox Photo

"Making an Impact Through Leadership Development"

Alexis Knox
Student Development Coordinator
Student Leadership & Service - Columbus State University
Bachelor of Science - Sociology 2016
Master of Science - Organizational Leadership 2018

""Being part of CSU’s graduate program made me realize how I wanted to make an impact on others through leadership development. " Read Alexis Knox's story   (PDF)

Stefan Lawrence Photo

"I change my students' lives."

Dr. Stefan Lawrence
Assistant Principal, Aaron Cohn Middle School
2016 MCSD Teacher of the Year
2019 Georgia Teacher of the Year Finalist
Master of Education 2012

"The graduate program in the College of Education afforded me the rare opportunity to build on my scholarly knowledge while working to build my abilities as a practitioner. CSU worked with me and understood my schedule." Read Dr. Lawrence's story   (PDF)

Dr. Debra Wales Photo

"A desire to assist others so they can be their best."

Dr. Debra Wales
Counseling Program Manager for the US Army
Doctorate of Education Curriculum & Leadership 2015

"The doctorate program at CSU allowed me to complete my research of studying Veterans as they leave the military and transition into higher education." Read Dr. Wales' story   (PDF)

Julio A. Portillo Photo

"Helping the community through a sense of servant leadership."

Julio A. Portillo
Executive Director
Midtown, Inc.
Master of Public Administration 2007

"Columbus State University was instrumental in providing me with the necessary tools to enter the workforce." Read Julio Portillo's story   (PDF)

Eleanor Thompson Photo

"Turning adversity into a driving force."

Dr. Eleanor Thompson
Maritime Transportation Policy
Unites States Coast Guard
Master of Public Administration 1997

"Columbus State's diverse faculty brought practical, real-world experience, as well as theoretical academic application. It was about learning; learning how to work hard, work smart, add to your breadth, and depth of knowledge, and to research and write." Read Dr. Thompson's story   (PDF)

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