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Student Teaching - Columbus State University

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College of Education and Health Professions

Student Teaching

Students will spend 16 weeks in full-time teaching activities under the supervision of a classroom teacher in elementary, middle and/or secondary schools. Guidelines for submitting applications to student teach are as follows:

  • Students are recommended to meet with their academic advisors before submitting their application in Tk20.
  • Applications for each semester will be available via Tk20 immediately following each closing deadline date. These deadlines are:
    • The deadline to submit an application to start student teaching in the Fall semester is Jan 15th.
    • The deadline to submit an application to start student teaching in the Spring semester is Sept 15th.
  • Students must be members in good standing in the Teacher Education Program prior to submitting the student teaching application.
  • Students must have a minimum score of three on each component of the Model of Appropriate Practice (MAP) Evaluation and Rubric for the Evaluation of Dispositions.
  • Students must complete all courses related to major with a grade of "C" or better unless otherwise approved by the program coordinator. Students need to contact their program coordinator for specific information regarding the approval process.
  • Students may not hold outside employment during the semester of student teaching without permission from the Coordinator of Student Teaching.
  • Students must hold current CPR/AED/Pediatric & Adult First Aid certificates and liability insurance before being allowed to register for student teaching course(s). Documentation must be uploaded into Tk20.
  • Students who apply for student teaching must not have previously withdrawn from, been denied admission to, and/or been removed from student teaching at CSU or another institution unless otherwise approved by the Coordinator of Student Teaching.
  • After the submission of the application, the academic advisor/program coordinator will review and recommend application to the Coordinator of Student Teaching for final approval.

All questions regarding Student Teaching should be e-mailed to Kim Cason, Coordinator of Student Teaching, at or call 706-565-1466.

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