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Partner Schools Network - Columbus State University

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College of Education and Health Professions

Partner Schools Network

The College of Education and Health Professions Partner School Network is comprised of contracted schools within Harris County School District and Muscogee County School District.

The Partner School Network has been established in order to assist in the pursuit of improved student achievement and offer improved educational opportunities for teacher, counselor and leader candidates. Partner Schools are public/private schools in which these schools and Columbus State University collaborate towards six (6) goals:

  • To increase P-12 student achievement and high levels of learning.
  • To mentor beginning teachers, leaders, and counselors.
  • To provide field-placements for teacher, leader, and counselor candidates to demonstrate the performance outcomes of the Regent's Guarantee.
  • To identify potential educators (teachers, leaders, and counselors) for admission into preparation programs.
  • To work on school improvement and improvement of preparation programs for teachers, leaders and counselors.
  • To increase the amount of school-based research to inform the continuous improvement of schools and educator (teacher, leader, and counselor) preparation and development programs.

Partner Schools

School System Contact Info Principal
Aaron Cohn Middle
7352 Garrett Road
Midland, GA 31820
Muscogee 706-569-3801
Stefan Lawrence
Blackmon Road Middle
7251 Blackmon Road
Columbus, GA 31909
Muscogee 706-565-2998
Penny Gorum
Britt David
5801 Armour Road
Columbus, GA 31909
Muscogee 706-748-2617
Lisa Whitaker
Carver High School
3100 Eighth Street
Columbus, Georgia 31906
Muscogee 706-748-2499
Christopher Lindsey
Creekside Elementary
8403 GA Hwy 315
Cataula, Georgia 31804
Harris 706-596-1300
Jennifer Sappington
Dimon Magnet Academy
480 Dogwood Drive
Columbus, GA 31907
Muscogee 706-683-8732 Emily Wilson
*Double Churches Elementary
1213 Double Churches Road
Columbus, GA 31904
Muscogee 706-748-2660
Antron Murray
Double Churches Middle
7611 Whitesville Road
Columbus, GA 31904
Muscogee 706-748-2678
Michael Seckinger
Downtown Elementary Magnet
1400 First Avenue
Columbus, GA 31901
Muscogee 706-748-2702
Tujuana Wiggins
Eagle Ridge Academy
7576 Raider Way
Columbus, GA 31909
Muscogee 706-569-3746
Amy Parker
*Gentian Elementary
(Professional Development School)
4201 Primrose Road
Columbus, GA 31907
Muscogee 706-569-3625
Jamie Chavez
Hannan Elementary Magnet
1338 Talbotton Road
Columbus, GA 31901
Muscogee 706-748-2744
Lashonda Milledge
Hardaway High School
2901 College Drive
Columbus, GA 31906
Muscogee 706-748-2766
Maudrice McNeill
Harris County Carver Middle School
11696 US Highway 27
Hamilton, GA 31811
Harris 706-628-4951
Melissa Hayes
Harris County High School
8281 GA Hwy 116
Hamilton, GA 31811
Harris 706-628-4278
Lindie Snyder
Johnson Elementary
3700 Woodlawn Avenue
Columbus, GA 31904
Muscogee 706-748-2795
Phillip Bush
Jordan High School
3200 Howard Avenue
Columbus, GA 31904
Muscogee 706-748-2819
Ryan Hutson
Kendrick High School
6015 Georgetown Drive
Columbus, Ga 31907
Muscogee 706-565-2960
Alonzo James
Key Elementary
2520 Broadmoor Drive
Columbus, GA 31903
Muscogee 706-683-8797
706-683-8802 (f)
Jacqueline Flakes
Mathews Elementary
7533 Lynch Road
Columbus, GA 31820
Muscogee 706-569-3656
Janice Greene
Midland Academy
7373 Psalmond Road
Midland, Georgia 31820
Muscogee 706-569-3664
Monique Williams
Midland Middle
6990 Warm Springs Road
Midland, GA 31820
Muscogee 706-569-3673
Keisha Cook
New Mountain Hill
33 Mount Hill Road
Fortson, GA 31808
Harris 706-323-1144 Jessica Burnett
*North Columbus Elementary
(Professional Development School)
2006 Old Guard Road
Columbus, GA 3190
Muscogee 706-748-3183
Danielle Ernst
Northside High School
(Professional Development School)

2002 American Way
Columbus, GA 31903
Muscogee 706-748-2920
Nathan Laney
1700 Midtown Drive
Columbus, GA 31906
Muscogee 706-748-3304
Briant Williams
Reese Road Leadership
3100 Reese Road
Columbus, GA 31907
Muscogee 706-569-3684
Katrina Long
Richards Middle School
2892 Edgewood Road
Columbus, GA 31906
Muscogee 706-569-3697
Duane Wizzard
Shaw High School
7579 Raider Way
Columbus, GA 31906
Muscogee 706-569-3638
Sureya Z. Hendrick
South Columbus Elementary
1964 Torch Hill Road
Columbus, GA 31903
Muscogee 706-683-8833
Dawn Jenkins
Spencer High School
1000 Ft. Moore Road
Columbus, GA 31903
Muscogee 706-683-8701
Rosa Patterson
Veterans Memorial Middle
2008 Old Guard Road
Columbus, Georgia 31909
Muscogee 706-748-3203
Robert Ogburn
Waddell Elementary School
6101 Miller Road
Columbus, Georgia 31907
Muscogee 706-569-3722
James Mayes
Wynnton Arts Academy
2303 Wynnton Road
Columbus, Georgia 31906
Muscogee 706-748-3147 Jackie Mumpower

*Professional Development School

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