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Go2Teach - Columbus State University

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College of Education and Health Professions


The Go2Teach Project is a "grow your own" teacher partnership between CSU and surrounding school systems. The ultimate goal is to grow and mentor teacher candidates to help ensure that our area is adequately supplied with outstanding young educators.

High School students interested in exploring education as a profession are paired with CSU Education representatives who communicate with these individuals and help guide them through planned activities such as Senior Night and full campus visits.

Project Go2Teach

Schools Served


Muscogee County

  • Blackmon Road Middle School (Club)
  • Carver High School (Club)
  • Columbus High School (Club)
  • Hardaway High School
  • Jordan Vocational High School College & Career Academy
  • Kendrick High School
  • Northside High School
  • St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School (Club)
  • Shaw High School

Harris County

  • Harris County High School

Lee County

  • Lee County 9th Grade Campus
  • Lee County High School

Troup County

  • LaGrange High School
  • Troup County High School


Russell County

  • Russell County High School


  • Guest Speakers - Columbus State University Professors and Staff
  • Excellence In Teaching Competition
  • Future Georgia Educators Day
  • Campus Visit Field Trips
  • Columbus State University/Georgia Future Educators Signing Day
  • Curriculum Support
  • Instructor Workshops - Summer & During School Year
  • CSU Plays & Sporting Events


The Columbus State University/Grow2Teach program allows students to "grow" as a teacher leader and master educator while they continue their studies at CSU. Students can enhance their future teaching experiences by taking part in meaningful pre-teaching activities. The cohort of students include those that were in the Go2Teach TAP Class in high school and/or were a part of the CSU Spring Signing Day. The program features opportunities for students to interact one-on-one with Harvard Fellow master educators and key personnel from area school districts.

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