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Weekend Cleaning Guidelines - Columbus State University

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University Support Services

Weekend Cleaning Guidelines

University Support Services has the responsibility of providing cleaning on the weekends for Columbus State University events. Columbus State University does not staff regular cleaning crew on weekends. Since this service is often beyond the 40-hour work week and is part of maintaining our facilities, we have to recoup this expense by charging a weekend event cleaning fee.

Charges are based on the following guidelines:

  • The university has to uphold a certain standard so this policy was developed with the support of the president's cabinet in an effort to present a professional and uniform "face" of the university.
  • Cleaning charges will be applied for all CSU departmental and registered student group events as well as any third party usage. Events requiring a weekend cleaning fee include but are not limited to fundraisers, pageants, concerts, parties, other celebrations and special events.
  • Student groups who are not registered with Student Life will be charged for weekend cleaning. Contact Student Life directly to confirm your status as a registered student group.

Cleaning charges are typically applied to the eQuest when we receive the request and assign the request for completion.  This allows for review of charges before an event takes place. The amount of time for review of charges is based strictly on how soon the request is submitted to our office before the event.

Please submit weekend cleaning needs at least 14 days prior to your event date through our eQuest system. 

Please refer to our Pricing and Resources page for a complete list of cleaning charges.

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