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Testimonials - Columbus State University

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University Support Services


For a glimpse of what happens on campus during spring break, check out The Saber Volume 62, Issue 07, Page 6 (PDF).

"Thank you to you and your fantastic team!" - Facebook User

"Y'all were amazing!" - Facebook User

"Y'all do a great job!" - Facebook User

"You always amaze us with what you can do. Remarkable!" - Facebook User

"Amazing, as always!" - Facebook User

"You have an awesome team 😎" - Facebook User

"It was a great event!" - Facebook User

"You and your team are the best, indeed!" - Facebook User

"Best year yet!!!" - Facebook User

"Wow! What a fantastic light show! Congratulations to the creators and the engineers. All of you did [an] amazing job! And, merry Christmas!" - Facebook User

"You and your team always do a great job. 14 years amazing job." – Facebook User 

"You have an awesome team. They're the best!" – Facebook User 

"The TEAM does work hard for CSU and always delivers!!!" – Facebook User 

"Congrats Steve – you and your team do amazing work year in and out!" – Facebook User

"Great team! I brag about you often to my colleagues. The other schools are envious!" – Facebook User 

"Thank you team!! That are amazing!!! Their leader is pretty cool too!" – Facebook User

"Steve Morse you and your team did a PHENOMENAL job on this car and the finish line set-up! Greg Hudgison thank you for making this happen!
Columbus State University is such a gift to our community.
Thank you for supporting Let's Grow STEAMx!" – Facebook User

"Congrats Steve – you and your team did an amazing job as always – many thanks!!" – Facebook User

"We celebrated [student's name] Graduation there yesterday. Wonderful venue." – Facebook User

"You all rock and make CSU look awesome!" – Facebook User 

"I've been involved in various levels and aspects of commencement ceremonies at CSU since the early 90s and I can honestly vouch for the incredible work that Steve Morse's team does. They do great things. Thank you, USS." – Facebook User

"The best team in the world! Yup, enough said." – Facebook User

"Thanks to you and your staff and crew for ALL you do for us at CSU!" – Facebook User

"Seriously this looks INCREDIBLE" – Facebook User

"Steve Morse is the pure definition of 'Extra!' He makes everyone look good!" – Facebook User

"Steve Morse and his TEAM ROCKS!!!!!" – Facebook User

"Your team does such a great job making our campus look perfect for guests!" – Facebook User

"Stop it! I can't believe y'all have already broken it all down. I cannot thank you and your amazing team enough!! Y'all certainly make this event exceptional!" – Facebook User

"That's a crazy turnaround! Your team rocks!" - Facebook User

"University Support is a BEAST!!" - Facebook User

"You and your crew are the best in the business!"- Facebook User

"Y'all are the best! Thank you for making Columbus beautiful!"- Facebook User 

"What an amazing team! Thank you for getting our campus back in shape!! You all rock!!!"- Facebook User 

"Thank you Steve and your whole staff. Great leadership, great employees and best of awesome people. We thank you not just today but everyday. Support services always make Columbus State University look unbelievable. Thank you"- Facebook User 

"I drove on campus tonight and it was immaculate! I knew your crew had been hard at work! We are so thankful for y'all!!"- Facebook User 

"Yes you'll does a great job!! A team I [am] proud to say I was a part of."- Facebook User 

"Good job as always. So proud of you and your team and all the facilities crowd."- Facebook User

"I'm grateful for the dedicated team that keeps our campus safe, clean, and beautiful."- Facebook User

"And Steve Morse's folks do an amazing job – feels like we are at an energized Ted Talk, only cooler! They are tech-savvy and lightning quick!" - Facebook User

"You and your team did an amazing job!! Thank you for all you do for Columbus and CSU!" - Facebook User

"We are so grateful for you and the USS team. Truly, we couldn't do it without you is [an] understatement of the venture. Thank you for always making #JBLF look so good and run without a hitch!!" - Facebook User 

"You and your team work the Magic better than Disney!" - Facebook User 

"Being in the events business, I have an appreciation for what your team was dealing with, and for an event of this magnitude to come off without a visible hitch is quite an accomplishment. Kudos to the entire team for all you did before and during the forum to make such a delightful experience for the attendees! I am sure there were many anxious, behind-the-scenes moments, but the efforts of you and your team were flawless to the public, and that is no small accomplishment!" - Marsha Mock, Senior Director, Executive Affairs, AT&T Mobility

"You and your staff are hands down best in town! CSU is so lucky to have y'all!" - Facebook User 

"Awesome team, leaders, workers and all around people. Don't get any better that CSU Logistics..." - Facebook User

"I absolutely enjoyed working with these young people from CSU and of course my GEAR UP Georgia babies! Thanks again to University Support and our catering department for rolling out the red carpet! Time well spent preparing our youth for their futures." - Facebook User 6/11/18

"Walked over to the Student Recreation Center to join the gym and low and behold what do I see?! The University Support team led by Steve Morse has everything already set up and ready to go for this weekend's GEAR UP Georgia Summer Leadership Academy!! Now the only thing left to do is take over the backpacks. Love me some Steve." - Facebook User 6/6/18

"Steve, your folks did a bang-up excellent job - it looked and sounded great! ... " - Facebook User 5/8/18

"Thanks to you and your great team for making both events beautiful and successful! Go Cougars!" - Facebook User 5/8/18

"Steve Morse you guys are the real MVPS!!!! Our student-athletes enjoyed their red carpet night in Lumpkin! Thank you so much for caring about every little matters." - Facebook User 5/8/18

"You and your team are a blessing to this entire community! Thanks for all you do." - Facebook User 4/15/18

"Thank you for making my last even as SAAC President an awesome one!" - Facebook User 4/15/18

"It is amazing how you and your team always over deliver, with such style and grace. Walt Disney always wanted his cast members to 'plus it' for the visiting families to his parks. Similarly, if an event held by CSU and has been fully 'Morsed', then a the event set-up and delivery will be successful every time...providing strong CSU branding and creativity with the 'plus it'focus....while significantly reducing the stress level of the organizer. Thank you Steve and Logistics are the BEST!" - Facebook User 4/15/18

"Wow, that one day window into your world makes me realize how much more broadly engaged you/CSU is with the community. My hat is off to you Steve." - Facebook User 4/15/18

"Nothing but good things to say about this team. And the initials USS look really cool! :)" - Facebook User 4/16/18

"What a statement! Thank you for the effort to make this happen." - Facebook User 2/17/18

"Thank you Steve Morse, the Logistic Staff, Campus Services Jennifer Joiner, Katie Evans and everyone that [made] 2018 Military Appreciation Day a Success

"Thank you CSU for a fun family evening! What a big undertaking! We had a great time and appreciate the hard work put into WinterFest 2017! All the volunteers were super friendly and helpful! Look forward to 2018!" - Facebook User 11/28/2017

"Truly enjoyed the Winterfest celebration. Thanks for the community partnership." - Facebook User 11/29/2017

"Love my first Winterfest!" - Facebook User 11/29/2017

"I couldn't believe how much was the wi[n]terfest!! There were so many fun things to do an it didn't break the bank to do any of it!" - Facebook User 11/30/2017

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