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Visitor Parking - Columbus State University

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University Support Services

Visitor Parking

Visitor passes are short term and are typically only valid one day unless notated otherwise. Please note that all visitors must provide vehicle information including make, model, vehicle color, and license plate number and state to receive a parking permit. For the full list of rules and regulations governing visitor parking on campus, please refer to the Parking Code (PDF).

Where to Register

  • Welcome Center: Visitors can register their vehicle at the Welcome Center during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm. License plate and vehicle information will be required to register. 
  • Parking Services Office: Visitors can register their vehicle at the Parking Services Office (third floor of the Cunningham Conference Center) during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm. License plate and vehicle information will be required to register. After business hours, visitors may register via e-mail at Please include the make, model, and vehicle color along with license plate information (tag number and state) in the e-mail.
  • Online: Visitors may navigate to the Parking Web Portal to register their vehicle for a temporary, one-day parking permit. The vehicle's information including make, model, vehicle color, and plate number and state will be required to register online.
  • Request by University Employees: Departments requesting visitor, vendor, intern, or volunteer parking permits should contact Parking Services via e-mail at or by telephone at (706) 507-8203. Whenever possible, requests should be made at least two business days in advance and must include the vehicle's description and tag information, including license plate number and state.
  • Retired Faculty/Staff, Trustees, Alumni Board: University Advancement in conjunction with Parking Services provides a Visitor parking permit upon request to these individuals. Please visit the Parking Services Office on the first floor of Illges Hall for more information.
  • Contractors and Vendors: Companies and individuals should coordinate directly with the respective CSU academic or staff department who will then request support, including visitor permits and assigned parking locations, from Parking Services.

Displaying Tags/Permits

Parking Services has now implemented a new permit system that will ensure accurate calculations of lot occupancy and permit utilization. Drivers are no longer issued parking hang tags. A vehicle's license plate is now its parking permit, therefore backing into or pulling thru parking spaces is no longer allowed. The vehicle's license plate must be fully visible from the driving lane at all times. Vehicles are permitted to pull thru or back into a space if there is a front-mounted license plate at the front bumper's height that matches the vehicle's rear license plate. Some states, such as New York, Texas, and California, already require front and back license plates. For more information on obtaining a front-mounted license plate, please visit the Parking Services website.

Visitor Parking

  • Visitors are allowed to park in any space designated as Visitor Parking or one of the many white-lined spaces around campus. The map below can serve as a guide to find the parking lots with designated Visitor Parking spaces and the lots with white-lined spaces. Please note that a visitor's parking pass is still required regardless of the parking location.
  • Visitors are NOT allowed to park in any area that is designated as no parking, reserved, restricted, red-lined spaces, fire lanes, or bus parking only, in any loading zone for longer than the allowed loading time, or in any other areas not designated for visitors or open parking.
  • Visitors with accessibility needs should have a state-issued Disability Parking permit to park in an ADA designated parking space. A visitor parking permit and vehicle registration with Parking Services are still required.

What to do with Citations: If a citation is received, the visitor should follow the instructions printed on the citation. If possible, visitors should bring the citation to Parking Services on the same day the citation was issued. If this is not possible, please either e-mail or call Parking Services at (706) 507-8203 for instructions.

Visitor Parking Map

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