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Accessibility Parking - Columbus State University

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University Support Services

Accessibility Parking

The following information may be helpful with CSU campus parking but only serves as a general overview. Please consult the Parking Code (PDF) for the full list of rules and regulations governing parking at Columbus State University.

If you have questions regarding any of these policies, please call University Support Services at 706-507-8203.

General Information

By state law, the person to whom the state-issued Disability License Plate or Disability Placard must be an occupant of the vehicle which displays the Disability License Plate or Disability Placard.

Persons with accessibility needs are allowed to park in student or faculty/staff spaces if the designated accessibility spaces are filled. Parking in service vehicle spaces, reserved spaces, visitor spaces, or in any areas that are restricted by CSU signage or state law is not allowed. Registration with Parking Services and a valid CSU parking permit are both still required to use designated accessibility spaces on CSU's campuses. This applies to visitors, faculty, staff, students, and anyone wishing to park on either campus.

Registration for Temporary Accessibility Needs

A temporary faculty/staff pass may be issued to students with temporary parking needs due to injury or other health issues. "Temporary" for this Parking Code means any condition that is expected to improve or resolve such that the individual may utilize regularly designated parking at some point during the academic year. Documentation, at a minimum, should be on the physician's letterhead and signed by that physician, and should clearly state the disability and duration of the mobility concerns. Please note that a temporary faculty/staff pass issued for disabilities only allows for parking in faculty/staff spaces.

Registration for Permanent Accessibility Needs or a State-Issued Disability Placard/License Plate

For more information about registering for a state-issued disability license plate or placard, permanent or temporary, please schedule an appointment with the Center for Accommodation and Access or call your local Department of Motor Vehicles. All disability parking placards and license plates are issued by the state where the vehicle is registered and not Columbus State University.

The map below indicates the parking lots were there are specifically marked spaces for visitors and those with accessibility needs. A valid CSU parking permit is still required in any of these spaces or parking lots.

map indicating where there are dedicated visitor and accessibility spaces

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