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Event Staffing - Columbus State University

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University Support Services

Event Staffing

The on-site event contact must be a full time faculty or staff member representing the sponsoring department, group, or organization. He/She must be present for the duration of the event and adhere to all University policies and procedures.


Only officially assigned Columbus State University police officers may be utilized for events. The final determination of the number of police officers necessary for a specific event will be made by Public Safety.

Security is required for any event collecting money on site or if alcohol is being served.

If, in the determination of the department of Public Safety, special or additional security arrangements must be made for an event, any overtime or extra personnel costs normally will be charged to the sponsoring organization or department.

Night and/or Weekend Staffing

All events require prior planning and notification so that adequate personnel and equipment can be made available. For events that occur at night or on weekends, overtime is required and prior scheduling is a must if personnel are required. The departments impacted include, but are not limited to, Plant Operations, Public Safety and Parking. On weekends, it is difficult to employ the necessary staff unless there is advance planning and a commitment from the affected departments. Complete arrangements must be made with all involved departments to avoid event cancellation.

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