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Student Insurance - Columbus State University

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Bursar's Office

Student Insurance

Domestic Students

Domestic students who already have major medical insurance coverage may apply for a waiver with United Healthcare. A waiver must be submitted for each semester you are enrolled. To submit a waiver request, please visit and click on the link for the Columbus State University Waiver Form. You will be prompted for your date of birth and student ID. Once you submit that information, you will have to provide information regarding your current insurance coverage. If you are unsure of the answer to one of the first four questions, please answer YES and United Healthcare will verify your coverage. For Fall 2022, waivers can be requested starting July 18, 2022.  The deadline to submit your waiver is September 19, 2022. Please allow 7 business days for approved waivers to appear on the student account.

If you do not have existing insurance and will keep the coverage with United Healthcare, please visit and click on the Enrollment Form link. This will allow you to print an insurance card, verify your benefits, and check on the status of claims.

International Students

International students will automatically be enrolled in Health Insurance. This is required by the Board of Regents. Please contact the Center for Global Engagement for more information.

Mandatory Health Insurance

The university System of Georgia requires only certain students to carry a minimum level of insurance coverage. Students in this group include international students with an F-1 or J-1 visa, graduate assistants, and student athletes.

Voluntary Health Insurance

Students enrolled at Columbus State University are eligible for voluntary health insurance. Visit United Healthcare's Student Resources for more information.

2022–2023 Student Health Insurance Program Plan

Benefits and Premiums

The benefits and premiums for the USG Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) with United Healthcare for the 2022–2023 Academic Year are summarized below. 

Every year, the University System of Georgia works to obtain the most competitive rates and most valuable benefits for this plan.  COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of the SHIP plan as a valuable healthcare benefit and has contributed to a high level of claims activity which necessitated the adjustments outlined below.  The Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee was instrumental in making recommendations regarding the plan premiums and benefits this year and will continue to meet to make recommendations after review in future years.


The changes for the 2022–2023 Academic Year are as follows:

  • Plan premiums will increase vy 10.5% over all tiers and categories. Increased dollar amounts from $254.00 to $391.00 annually.
  • The International Student premium subsidy will no longer be provided.

USG SHIP Plan Benefits Highlights and Plan Premiums

USG SHIP Benefits Amount
Annual Individual Deductible: $500
Coinsurance Percentage: 80%
Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $6,350
Non-SHC Office Visit Copays: (PCP/Specialist) $20/$20
Prescription Drug Copays: $25/$50/$75
Lifetime Benefit Limit: Unlimited
Annual Premiums Mandatory Enrollment Voluntary Enrollment
Student only $2,671 $3,744
Spouse $2,938 $4,118
Child  $2,938 $4,118
All Children $5,876 $8,237
All Dependents $8,815 $12,355

Semester rates will be provided as soon as we receive them. More information about the USG SHIP is also available on the Student Affairs SHIP page.

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