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Dual Enrollment and Joint Enrollment - Columbus State University

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Dual Enrollment and Joint Enrollment

Dual Enrollment and Joint Enrollment offer qualified high school students the opportunity to earn college credit that also applies toward their high school diploma.

Benefits include:

  • Experiencing the rigor of college courses, which eases the transition to college;
  • Completing all or many of the University System of Georgia’ core requirements;
  • Earning a college-level certificate in Business, Computer Science or Criminal Justice.

Dual Enrollment students also benefit from saving up to 30 credits worth of tuition, institutional fees, and required textbook costs.

To be eligible for Dual Enrollment consideration, students must be seeking a high school diploma from an eligible Georgia high school, home school, or home study program and be enrolled in courses listed in the Dual Enrollment Course Directory.

Joint Enrollment students are responsible for their own expenses. Joint Enrollment students are:

  • attending an out-of-state high school;
  • attending an in-state high school that does not participate in the Dual Enrollment program;
  • taking courses not listed in the Dual Enrollment Course Directory.


Dual Enrollment and Joint Enrollment students must meet all requirements for admission.

11th and 12th Graders

  • GPA requirement: 3.0 in core courses on a 4.0 scale.
  • Test score requirements:
    • ACT or PreACT: At least a 17 on English/Reading and at least 17 on Math
    • SAT or PSAT: At least a 480 on Evidence-Base Reading/Writing and at least a 440 on Math
    • ACCUPLACER Exam: At least 237 Reading and at least 258 Math and at least 4 WritePlacer

10th Graders (Joint Enrollment Only)

  • GPA requirement: 3.7 in core courses on a 4.0 scale.
  • Test score requirements: (in a single national test administration)
    • ACT: Composite score of at least 26 OR
    • SAT: Combined score of at least 1200

Note: Students must meet the English Score Requirement or the Math Score Requirement. Students meeting the English Requirement but not the Math Requirement may enroll in non-STEM courses only. Students meeting the Math Requirement but not the English Requirement may enroll in STEM courses only. Students wishing to take college math must first successfully complete HS Algebra II/Advanced Algebra or an equivalent course.


Students should work with the high school counselor to determine appropriate courses. Dual Enrollment courses must be selected from the approved Dual Enrollment Course Directory. Students may enroll in up to 15 credits/semester for a total of 30. Students may take classes in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

College coursework taken while still in high school does not count against HOPE Scholarship hours.

How to Apply

Application Priority Deadlines

  • Fall Semester: May 30
  • Spring Semester: November 30
  • Summer Term: April 15

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