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ACCUPLACER Test for CSU - Columbus State University

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ACCUPLACER includes the tests Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics; Reading; and WritePlacer (a written essay). These tests are used for course placement or admission to CSU. If used for admission, scores will determine if the applicant can be admitted and will determine course placement. Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics; and Reading are computer-adaptive, which means that questions adjust to the ability of the test taker, and are untimed. WritePlacer is timed for one hour.

After you complete the test, your scores will be reported to the Office of Admissions and a decision will be made within 48 hours. The decision will be posted to your online application.

Eligibility: ACCUPLACER can be required or recommended. If required, it must be listed on your checklist before you can schedule an appointment to test.

Retesting: One retest is permitted. You will be advised about retesting by your Admissions Specialist.

Test preparation: Please visit the ACCUPLACER web page to prepare for the test.

Score reports: You will be able to obtain a copy of your scores from the Student Portal on the ACCUPLACER web page.

Payment: $25, regardless of the specific ACCUPLACER tests you need. Payment is made online when you schedule your appointment.

ID requirements: You must present an unexpired government-issued photo ID with signature--driver's license, passport, military ID, state ID. The first and last name(s) on your identification must exactly match the first and last name(s) on your CSU application.

Testing Options (Choose Carefully)

You must apply for admission to CSU and have a CSU ID number issued before you can schedule an appointment (option 1) or register for at-home testing (option 2).

You can obtain your CSU ID number from the office of Admissions by contacting Admissions at 706-507-8800 or

1. In-person testing at the CSU Testing Center. Schedule Your Appointment for in-person testing at the CSU Testing Center.

2. At home and proctored by Examity, an online proctor service. Examity will charge you a fee for your testing appointment, and appointments are offered 24/7/365.

Note: Before you choose option 2, make sure your device meets Examity's Technical Requirements. If it does, then register and pay for the test to be taken at home via Examity. A remote testing voucher with instructions on scheduling with Examity will be emailed to you within 3 business days after your registration and payment are received.

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