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Scholastic Honors Convocation - Columbus State University

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Academic Affairs

Scholastic Honors Convocation

Faculty Cup

The Columbus State University Faculty Cup, awarded annually at the Scholastic Honors Convocation, is the highest award granted to a Columbus State student who has earned 96 or more semester credit hours toward a baccalaureate degree at the time of nomination. The student should have graduated at the end of the previous fall semester, or should be a candidate to graduate in the upcoming spring or summer term. The student should be at least in the second year of residence at Columbus State. The award signifies superior academic achievement, participation in university organizations, leadership, service to others, and potential for future achievement. The Scholastic Honors Committee is responsible for the selection of the recipient, based upon the nominations by the university faculty.

Faculty Cup Nomination Form

Previous Faculty Cup Winners (PDF)

Educator of the Year Award

This award is presented by the Student Government Association to recognize and promote teaching excellence among the faculty of the university.  Awardees are nominated by students and evaluated on the basis of knowledge, consistency, dependability and creativity. The winner will be recognized at the annual Scholastic Honors Convocation ceremony and will be presented with an official Educator of the Year medallion and a financial award of $1,500.

Educator of the Year Award Nomination Form

Previous Educator of the Year Award Winners (PDF)

Past Convocations

Historical Information

Date Milestones Notes
05/30/1985 First Dated "Scholastic Honors Convocation" School Name was Columbus College. Scholastic Honors Convocation ceremony was held in Fine Arts Hall Auditorium.
5/20/1988 Fourth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" Invitations were sent to award recipients with ribbons attached. Ribbon symbolized academic excellence and were to be worn during SHC ceremony.
6/3/1994 Tenth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" CSU Clock Tower logo was added to SHC program cover design.
5/2/1997 Thirteenth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" Columbus College is renamed to Columbus State University. SHC program now reflects the CSU Primus Inter Pares logo.
5/4/2003 Nineteenth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" SHC program cover displays a new impact by changing the cover design to the cup. Csu Clocktower logo is added back to the bottom of program cover. Ceremony location changed to Legacy Hall- River Center for the Performing Arts.
4/11/2008 Twenty Fourth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" CSU's 50th Anniversary logo is added to SHC program design. Ceremony is moved to University Hall Auditorium.
4/17/2009 Twenty Fifth "Scholastic Honors Convocation" SHC Program logo image has changed back to CSU Clock Tower Logo.
4/15/2011 Twenty Seventh "Scholastic Honors Convocation" CSU Clock Tower logo image is refined.
4/17/2015 Last Held "Scholastic Honors Convocation" Time and date of SHC ceremony has moved to the bottom of the cover design beside the CSU Clock Tower logo.

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