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CSU Abstract Annual 2023 - Columbus State University

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Academic Affairs

CSU Abstract Annual 2023

Undergraduates who engage in research, critique and scholarship are invited to publish an abstract of their work in CSU's 2023 Abstract Annual.

Students who submit abstracts for CSU Tower Day, and opted in, will automatically be included in the abstract annual.

Who should submit abstracts?

Undergraduates from all disciplines who have published or presented their work at local, regional or national conferences during the academic year 2022–2023. This term includes the Summer of 2023, not Summer 2024.

What information is submitted with the abstract?

  • Project Title
  • Project Abstract (250-word limit)
  • Mode of Presentation (e.g., Poster, 20-minute presentation)
  • Equipment needs (e.g., DVD, PowerPoint)
  • Full names and academic level of all student collaborators
  • Full names and departments of all faculty mentors
  • If the project originated as a class assignment, you will need the course name and number (e.g., PSYC 4125)
  • If the project has been previously presented, published, or received an award, you will need names, dates, and/or journal citations
  • If the project was funded by a grant, you will need source, type, and amount

How do I submit an abstract?

Abstract submission will open on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 on the Tower Day website. Students may also navigate to the application in their MyCSU account by accessing the "Student" tab and then the "Student Records" menu. Then select "CSU Tower Day Application" under the "Applications" column.

Abstract Annual Books

Below are abstract books created from all disciplines across campus. Each book highlights the creative and scholarly work of students and their faculty mentors.

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