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Facilities - Columbus State University

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Department of Theatre and Dance


The Theatre Department is housed in the Theatre and Art complex in downtown Columbus. This 125,000-square-foot space includes Theatre on the Park and the Corn Center for the Visual Arts.

RiverPark Campus

Columbus State's art and theatre complex is the latest of a string of University projects that have helped revitalize the Columbus' downtown area. Most efforts are centered on the University's Music, Theatre, and Art Departments, creating a downtown Fine and Performing Arts campus that may be unequaled, both in terms of facilities and in terms of community impact.

Riverside Theatre Complex

Riverside Theatre Complex

Lobby of the Riverside Theatre Complex

Inside of the theatre complex

Proscenium Theatre

For presenting more traditional plays and musicals, this theatre is the primary teaching and performance space for the Department of Theatre and Dance, seating 350 people. The theatre has a complete fly system with thirty-eight line sets, a fully-trapped stage floor, flexible orchestra pit, and a proscenium opening of 36 feet. The main floor and balcony seats provide excellent sightlines and acoustics.

The theatre also features a complete catwalk access system to reach every lighting position, a state-of-the-art Strand lighting board and a $35,000 sound and recording system.

Studio Theatre

This is a flexible performance space for experimental productions or smaller productions that are more appropriate for intimate performing space. This theatre has a full compliment of platforms and drapes so the theatre can be reconfigured for each performance. Productions of proscenium-style as well as thrust and arena stages are all possible in this space. Above the performing area is a full wire-tension grid that can support up to four technicians per section.

From this vantage point, technicians can hang and focus lights through the grid onto the actors below, creating an infinite number of lighting positions. This theatre also has a full set of brand-new lighting and sound equipment.

Lab Theatre/ Student Performance Space

This is a smaller space complete with draperies, seating, platforms, and lighting grid for teaching acting and lighting design courses as well as provide an additional performance space for student-created projects. The FreeStage series of entirely student-directed and designed plays will be presented in this space.

Scene Shop

Fully equipped scene shop with new equipment and safety features. Adjacent to the scene shop is a woodworking and property construction shop. The floor of the shop is wood so as to duplicate the wood floor of the stage. Scenery is constructed in this shop and then moved onto the stage for final assembly.

Costume Shop

Fully equipped costume shop with special dye room. Costumes for all productions are built in this room. It is also where costume design and construction courses are taught.

Yancey Center at One Arsenal Place

Classroom in One Arsenal

Yancey Center is an historic building that has been refurbished to house the faculty offices and classroom spaces for the Departments of Art and Theatre. In addition to Department Offices and conference facilities, Yancey Center has:

Acting Studios:
Two dedicated acting studios for rehearsals and acting classes.

Dance Studio
A 2400-ft. dance studio.

Design Studio
Design studio and lab open to students.

Theatre Library
Contains the Theatre Department's library holdings which may be checked out by Theatre Majors through the department's Administrative Assistant.

Computer Lab
A 20-station computer lab open to Theatre Majors. Computer and design classes are also taught in this space, utilizing design programs such as WYSIWYG, VectorWorks, and Front Page.

Theatre Classrooms
For teaching primarily lecture-based classes.

Student Lounge:
Has a dedicated Theatre student lounge.

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