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Dance Minor - Columbus State University

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Department of Theatre and Dance

Dance Minor

The Dance Minor requires 15 credit hours which encompass credits in dance technique, dance history, dance choreography/composition and performance. Course offerings may include:

ANATOMY OF DANCE: Anatomy as it applies to dance techniques to develop an individualized conditioning program.

BALLET: Three levels of ballet technique.

DANCE COMPOSITION: The exploration of compositional theories of dance through movement techniques and choreography.

DANCE HISTORY: A broad survey of dance history with emphasis on the impact of dance on society from primitive times to the present.

DANCE PERFORMANCE: Performance in annual dance concert.

FUNDAMENTALS OF DANCE: An introductory dance class that focuses on ballet, modern and jazz basics.

JAZZ: Three levels of jazz technique.

MODERN: Three levels of modern technique.

PILATES: Physical conditioning to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

TAP: Three levels of tap technique.

YOGA: A practice that uses specific body positioning and breathing exercises for a healthy lifestyle.

Theatre Dance Minor Program

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