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Dance - Columbus State University

Department of Theatre and Dance

About Us

Established in 2016, the dance minor at Columbus State University has become one of the institution’s fastest-growing curriculums. Enhancing the Theatre Department and the other world-class programs in the College of the Arts, the core mission of the dance minor is to combine dual dedication to art and learning.

The required 15 credit hours encompass courses in dance technique, dance history, dance choreography/composition, and performance. Dance technique classes include various levels of ballet and modern dance. All students, regardless of their individual majors, are eligible to declare a dance minor.

Several dance concerts, ranging from traditional, classical choreography to contemporary original works, are presented annually on the main stage of the Columbus State University Riverside Theatre.


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Facilities & Performance Space

Riverside dance studio
Rankin Dance Studio

Riverside theatre main stage
Riverside Main Stage

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