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Residence Life

Living on Campus

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Here at Columbus State University, we believe that living on campus fosters student learning, development, and personal growth. Those who live on campus while attending CSU have easy access to their classes, campus resources, and various involvement opportunities. We are committed to providing intentional learning by facilitating a safe, inclusive, and academically focused living environment. We truly believe that living on campus provides students at CSU the best opportunity to being successful and graduate.

Get the most out from your college experience by living on campus!

To provide an innovative and inclusive community experience that supports the growth and retention of both Residence Life and Columbus State University.

Residence Life is committed to creating a safe living-learning environment that promotes the growth and development of our students by providing well-maintained facilities, knowledgeable staff, and intentional programming. We will support the University and Student Affairs Division by creating an environment in which students can achieve their full potential.

We recognize that a student's education is not limited solely to what is learned within the classroom and that significant personal and cognitive development occurs inside and outside of the classroom.

We provide experiences for students that are guided by intentional learning outcomes in the areas of academic achievement, diversity and civility, engagement and discovery, and personal development.

Academic Achievement

Students will be able to participate in opportunities, experiences, and resources to assist in their academic and personal achievement. Under the guidance of Residence Life Staff, students will be offered programs to develop and enhance study skills, career progression, goal setting, and time management, while also being provided campus resources.

Diversity and Civility

Students will gain experience and skills that will further develop their civility amongst various communities. Living on campus will allow residents to participate with many people who are different than themselves, culturally, ethnically, and socially. Under the guidance of Residence Life Staff, students will learn important aspects of communal living, including respect, humanitarianism, awareness, and relationships.

Engagement and Discovery

Students will establish meaningful connections with peers by becoming actively involved in the shaping of their residential, campus, and city wide communities. They will be encouraged to discover experiences outside the classroom setting that will expand their knowledge and perceptions beyond their individual considerations. Under the guidance of the Residence Life Staff, students will learn to participate socially, develop an interest in community service, gain social responsibility, understand campus culture, and learn how to participate in the world outside of campus life.

Personal Development

Students will be given the opportunity to gain life skills and character knowledge. Under the guidance of Residence Life Staff, students can develop independence, self-advocacy, competence, coping skills, wellness, safety, and maintaining healthy relationships.

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