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Housing Accommodations - Columbus State University

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Residence Life

Housing Accommodations

In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), Columbus State University will provide residential accommodations to students with a documented medical or psychological disability. Students may request accommodation by contacting the Center of Accommodation and Access at 706-507-8755.

Documentation should be current and should consist of an evaluation by an appropriate physician or mental health provider that describes the current functional impact of the disability or impairment as it relates to the requested accommodation. For more information, please see the Center for Accommodation and Access web page.

Service and Emotional Support Animal Procedures

Students in housing are not required to provide documentation for a service animal, but are asked to provide prior notice to the Center of Accommodation and Access.

Students should make contact with the Director of the Center of Accommodation and Access in order for an emotional support animal to be permitted in University Housing. Documentation that meets the criteria set by Columbus State University and the University System of Georgia will be required. The deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall Semester - August 1
  • Spring Semester - January 1
  • Summer Semester - May 1

For detailed information, review the Emotional Support Animal Procedures (PDF) or the Service Animal Procedures (PDF).

CSU Emotional Support Animal Application

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