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Faculty in Residence - Columbus State University

Residence Life

Faculty in Residence

Faculty in Residence live on campus in the residential communities and provide mentorship and educational opportunities. They work closely with the Residence Life Staff to create an environment that is conducive to academic and personal success.

Research suggests that faculty interactions can have a positive impact on students' social and academic integration and college persistence, thus benefiting the students and the University as a whole. CSU has created a Faculty in Residence Program to increase faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom in order to create a more seamless experience for students, to enhance learning and development, and to allow for a greater personalization of the residential environment.


Meet our Faculty in Residence 

Dr. Eric Spears

Eric Spears

Dr. Eric Spears is the Mildred Miller Fort Foundation Chair of International Education and an Associate Professor of Geography. He is originally from the Ohio River Valley, where he grew up in Huntington, WV. He has lived and studied in England, Brazil, and South Korea. Dr. Spears is an advocate of study abroad and loves to travel overseas. His first foreign trip was to China, when he was a high school senior. Dr. Spears's family is multicultural. His wife and children are American and Brazilian. He and his family speak Portuguese at home. In addition, he has relatives in Sweden, Mexico, and Australia. When not teaching and researching geography or international studies, Dr. Spears loves to run (5k, 10k, and 13.1 races), kayak, and bike. He is very excited to be the FIR in Clearview Hall. Dr. Spears likes sharing international experiences with his students.

Virtual Advisor